Working Wood in the 18th C. (Wine Cooler)

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Once more this 12 months I attended the annual Williamsburg program,
Working Wooden within the 18th C. It’s all the time an inspiring occasion for
me. I return dwelling with new concepts and motivation
for attention-grabbing initiatives. I additionally discover it difficult to
characterize these initiatives in SketchUp. This time I’ve chosen the
Wine Cooler that Brian Weldy and Jonathan Hallman demonstrated.
Jonathan is a Cooper at Williamsburg and his expertise have been
vital to creating the Wine Cooler. Made within the late 1700’s, it
integrated barrel making expertise with particular person staves of
advanced compound angles. The image beneath doesn’t present the
platform stand on which it sits.

I began with two shapes representing the ellipse axes and the
angled or sloped depth.

 With the Circle Instrument set at 20 sides, I positioned a circle
on the cross shapes and rotated barely to have perpendicular
sides on the quadrant junctions. Then with the Scale Instrument, I
re-shaped the circle into the elipse.

Utilizing Observe Me, I created a quadrant of Staves.

The profile for the Observe Me included the groove form for
supporting the Backside.

I copied and flipped the quadrants to assemble the enclosed

Every Stave is made a element (6 in all), and dimensioned
particulars will be illustrated for every. Right here is the entrance view of
only one stave. Surprisingly, Jonathan didn’t want any
dimensions or element drawings. By eye, he may do the beveling
by hand and acquire good match up. It was a powerful
demonstration of talent.

 Right here is the highest view.

Right here is the Facet View. I doubt if I made that groove correctly.
I made it at an angle that will accommodate the Backside sq.
on. In all probability these grooves are made perpendicular to the
floor of the stave.

Additionally these staves have been rounded and cupped by Jonathan
utilizing a drawknife and scorp like software.

The cooler is held on a stand consisting of 4 angled legs
and an elliptical platform. Brian confirmed the strategy for making
and shaping the legs and mortising to the platform.
Maybe I’ll mannequin that later.


Right here is the video:



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