Why Are Cats Obsessed with Laser Pointers?

We’ve all executed it … flashed a laser pointer throughout the ground
(and up the wall and onto the ceiling) to see at what lengths
our cats will go to catch that little dot of sunshine. However why are
cats so obsessive about laser pointers? Let’s take a look at the science
concerned to seek out out why cats love laser pointers and whether or not
or not they’re truly an acceptable toy for our feline


How Cats’ Eyes Differ from Ours


The retina is the construction in the back of the attention that
converts gentle power into nerve impulses which might be despatched to the
mind to be became pictures of our world. Two kinds of
retinal cells – cones and rods – are present in each human and
feline retinas. Broadly talking, cones are concerned with coloration
imaginative and prescient and the flexibility to concentrate on and respect effective element
whereas rods are answerable for imaginative and prescient below low gentle
circumstances and for the detection of motion.


The human eye has a lot of cones and comparatively fewer rods. The
feline eye has a lot of rods and comparatively fewer cones.
Subsequently, cat eyes are nice at choosing up motion, even when
it’s fairly darkish, however they don’t see particulars or colours very
properly. The alternative is true for us (for a neat comparability, verify
out All Eyes on Paris). In different phrases, the
feline retina (and different components of the attention as properly) is completely
designed to maximise the probabilities of catching shortly transferring
prey at nightfall and daybreak when cats most prefer to hunt.


What does this imply almost about cats and laser pointers?
Initially, due to their comparatively poor coloration imaginative and prescient,
the colour of the laser pointer shouldn’t matter to your cat.
That is notably true because the distinction of the brilliant
laser in opposition to the comparatively darkish background is so intense.


Stimulating a Predatory Response


Although the colour of the laser pointer doesn’t matter, what’s
alluring to your cat is the best way that you just make that vibrant dot
of sunshine transfer. When it darts right here, then pauses, after which dashes
over there, you’re mimicking the actions of prey animals,
which cats discover arduous to disregard. Such a motion
stimulates the predatory sequence – stalk, pounce, kill and eat
– that’s hardwired into our cats despite the fact that their survival no
longer relies on a profitable hunt.


Did you discover that laser pointers solely fulfill the primary two
steps within the predatory sequence – stalk and pounce – whereas
leaving the will to kill and eat unfulfilled? For some cats,
this isn’t an issue. They’ll fortunately chase that little dot of
gentle round for some time after which stroll away unperturbed, however
different cats appear to get agitated after taking the laser pointer
on for a spherical or two. The lack to ever actually be
profitable might be why.


In case you are fearful that your cat is annoyed by chasing a
laser pointer, attempt switching to a distinct sort of sport that
permits your cat act out extra of the predatory sequence. Kitty
fishing poles that that allow you to flick a stuffed mouse or
feathers throughout the ground, into the air and onto the sofa will
present your cat with the chance to stalk, pounce and
finally kill (or at the least chew and claw) their “prey.” Toss
out a number of treats on the finish of the sport or give your cat a meals
meting out ball to chase round for some time, and playtime
ought to finish on a satisfying be aware for everybody.


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