Veritas Bevel-down Bench Planes

provider helps to protect cap-iron settings with

by Christopher Schwarz
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When Veritas redesigned its bevel-down bench planes, the
Canadian firm began from scratch. Launched within the fall of
2014, these instruments share virtually no DNA with the corporate’s
earlier era.

And, within the Veritas custom, the corporate’s engineers additionally
chucked custom when designing these planes. Consequently,
there are a number of new issues to speak about right here. Let’s begin
with the geometry.

For the primary time within the historical past of the craft, you should purchase
these bench planes with a frog milled at each working angle
between 40° and 65° in half-degree increments. There are three
standard-size frogs (40°, 45° and 55°, however oddly, no 50°).
Ordering a customized angle provides $10 and somewhat time to the
course of.

So skilled airplane customers can get precisely what they need. Freshmen
will in all probability keep on with a 45° frog, although I might suggest
spending the additional $10 and get a 50° frog on your smoothing
airplane for those who like curly wooden.

You may also customise the knob and tote that include your
airplane. There are two sorts of totes (customary and conventional)
which can be every obtainable in three sizes (small, medium and
massive). I ordered a conventional tote in medium based mostly on the
firm’s suggestions. After attempting different handles throughout a
woodworking present, I choose the small conventional tote. So that you
would possibly contemplate stepping down a dimension whenever you order.

The entrance knob is accessible in three shapes – customary,
mushroom and tall – that mirror the three frequent sorts on many
metallic bench planes.

And if that’s not sufficient, you may as well determine if you’d like O1
instrument metal or the proprietary PM-V11 (spring for the PM-V11;
it’s good). And, in fact, you get to determine what size the
sole is, from a No. four (91⁄2″) as much as a No. 7 (22″).

I bought a No. four from the corporate, and I’ve spent a couple of
month with it. There are some issues I like and others which can be
odd. Let’s get the odd out of the best way. The rear tote is farther
again on these instruments than on a conventional Bailey-style airplane –
it was a full 1″ again in comparison with my Stanley No. four. So my index
finger has to stretch to succeed in the blade on the Veritas. That
feels bizarre, however I’ll get used to it.

Second oddity: The standard tote is extra shapely than
earlier Veritas totes, but it surely may go additional. The flats on
the tote don’t must be there. I’ll treatment that myself with
a rasp.

These complaints apart, the guts of the airplane – the frog,
blade, cap iron and mouth – are fairly unbelievable, each
well-made and properly thought-out. You should use the airplane with or
with out a cap iron; that’s as a result of Veritas redesigned the best way
the cap iron and iron are fixed along with what it calls
a “blade provider.”

The opposite superb factor in regards to the blade provider is it permits
you to protect a selected cap-iron setting whereas sharpening.
So for those who use a carefully set cap iron, the instrument’s blade provider
will let you drop it into that very same favored place with
unbelievable ease.

(One nit to choose: The airplane’s directions are somewhat
backward in my view with regards to setting the cap iron.
See my on-line video for particulars.)

If you’re waging a private battle on tear-out, you’ll additionally
respect the best way the mouth is opened and closed – it’s simply
like on the corporate’s bevel-up planes and block planes. The
design lets you shortly alter the mouth with a twist of
the entrance knob.

Value-wise, these planes are a discount for what you get, from
$269 for a fundamental No. four to $389 for a customized No. 7. They’re
Canadian-made and backed by Veritas’s glorious buyer
service. My small complaints apart, these planes are winners,
each for freshmen and demanding customers.


Video: See
how Christopher Schwarz prefers to adjust the cap iron on this

From the February 2015 challenge, #216

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