Use Sandwich Construction to Create Case Panels

Sandwich construction

Create a thick, stable search for your cabinetry with a
laminated plywood strategy. This excerpt from “How to Build Bookcases and Bookshelves”
covers a plywood sandwich development method that can
provide the look of heavy stable panels to your furnishings

Sandwich development makes use of available thicknesses of
plywood to create thicker panels. It additionally helps you to produce a
panel that has two very handsome sides as a result of the perfect
facet of every piece of plywood faces outward. There are two
primary methods to create a sandwich panel. The primary is to easily
glue two items of plywood again to again. That is the strategy
we used for the tip panels on this bookcase proven right here.

bow front bookcase


Sandwich development works nicely for cupboard elements that
can be mounted to different cupboard elements, such because the ends of
this bookcase, that are biscuited and glued to the subtop
and the underside shelf. The rationale for fastening these finish
panels is as a result of the plywood elements that make up the panels
are completely different thicknesses (1⁄four″ and three⁄four″), so there’s a danger
of warping. Nonetheless, if the sandwiched plywood elements are the
identical thickness, the prospect of warping is drastically decreased.
Such panels may even be used the place they received’t be mounted
down, as for cupboard doorways or adjustable cabinets. The second
method to create a sandwiched panel is to make use of a middle core with
a layer of plywood glued to every facet. The middle core could be
both a lumber body or one other piece of plywood. The
lumber-frame strategy has the benefit of letting you
produce a panel of exact thickness that weighs lower than
one made with a plywood core. Both core will make a
sandwich that’s proof against warping.

Sandwich construction

Gluing collectively a ¾” and a ¼” piece of plywood creates the
finish panels for the bookcase proven. This sandwiched panel is
then trimmed to closing dimension, and the legs and utilized rails
are added. The ultimate result’s an finish panel that’s flush
on the within with a frame-and-panel look on the surface.

Sandwich construction 2

Gluing two items of ¼” plywood over a lumber-frame core
creates the middle panel for the bookcase. This creates an
extra-thick however light-weight panel that’s precisely the identical
thickness because the legs. With a lumber body on the within,
you may custom-make panels any thickness you need.

— Randy Johnson

Screen Shot 2016-08-08 at 8.02.51 AMFor full
directions for constructing this bow-front bookcase and for
different nice bookcase builds, try “How to Build Bookcases &
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