Use a ‘Nail Board’ to Speed Finishing Work

nail board

Make a nail board roughly the scale of your panel or
cupboard door. Think about using drywall screws as a substitute of

Right here’s a ending trick you will not be acquainted with. You
can brush or spray either side of flat panels and cupboard
doorways with out having to attend for one facet to dry by utilizing a
nail board – besides I used drywall screws as a substitute of nails.
These screws have very tiny pointed suggestions that make just about
invisible pricks within the end.

nail board

After brushing or spraying the bottom, however not the sides,
flip the panel or door and end the extra essential facet
and edges.

Start by brushing or spraying the bottom or underside, and
don’t end the sides. With that facet full, flip the
panel or cupboard door over and place it on the nails (screws)
with the just-completed facet dealing with down.

Then brush or spray the entrance or topside together with the sides.
Attempt to keep away from drips or sags on the sides. But when some do type,
brush them out to take away them. You can additionally wipe them off,
however you might harm the end on the underside facet.

— Bob Flexner


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Bob Flexner

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