Traditional Japanning, It’s Worth the Time

Traditional Japanning
Let me begin by
getting this off my chest, the phrase “Conventional Japanning”
makes me giggle a little bit as a result of “Japanning” is a European
ending approach that’s an imitation of Asian
lacquerwork. Snicker. Doesn’t matter, it is a very
cool ending approach. Get the pictures of dusty bins on
cabinets in Chinatown retailers out of your head. We’re speaking
the actual deal right here and it takes ability and persistence.

To attain the deep luster of a top quality
lacquer end takes an excellent base and lots of, many skinny layers
constructing one on the opposite. It’s not the time wanted to use
the layers that requires persistence as a lot because the drying time
between the layers. However when you’re going to do it proper, be
affected person. The payoff is well worth the effort. And also you’d assume a
video on repeating the identical step over, and over, would get a
little gradual, however furnishings conservator Don Williams by no means
fails to maintain you entertained with attention-grabbing feedback and
tales when you watch him work. 

And I saved the perfect for final. To offer the
already spectacular end a kick, Don provides some gold leaf. I
love watching these extremely skinny layers of gold (actually,
it’s gold!) gently type to the form beneath. On this case
it’s a swan that gracefully adorns the lacquer end.

Whether or not you’ve all the time secretly wished to attempt
Japanning, otherwise you simply need to be entertained by a really
expert artisan,
“Traditional Japanning Techniques”
will provide you with precisely
what you want. 

Take a look at the preview under and buy the
video download

— David Thiel

Traditional Japanning
Japanning is a deep lacquer end that originated
as a European imitation of Asian lacquerwork. This video
covers the steps to create a Japanned end and goes a step
additional by including a gesso and gold flake ornamental accent.

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