Tool Lubrication & Asher’s First Eggbeater Hand Drill – Part 2

eggbeater hand drill

Giving a toddler an open-geared eggbeater hand
drill is dangerous enterprise as a result of the gears can pinch their
fingers and in the end scare them away from woodworking instruments
for some time. Subsequently, the logical answer is an
enclosed-gear drill. Many corporations used to make them (see the
Stanley Continental No748A, and Stanley 610 for instance) however
since virtually nearly all of our drilling business went
corded then electrical cordless, the variety of makers and the
number of hand-operated instruments has dwindled drastically.

I keep in mind a couple of years in the past seeing a
German-made enclosed-gear hand drill within the catalog of a North
American hand-tool vendor. The drill was made by Schroder and
appeared to be strong. It had two transmission settings: low gear
for bits with a bigger diameter and excessive velocity for smaller
bits. Its chuck’s capability was 1/2” which was very spectacular
given that almost all “eggbeater” type drills are restricted to three/eight”

As I started considering shopping for such a drill
for each Asher and me, I visited that catalog once more and was
dissatisfied to find that the drill was now not listed. I
resumed my on-line search and situated two shops that checklist it,
however they displayed the ominous “out of inventory.” So I assumed the
worst – that firm stopped making the drill. Extra searches
revealed a clone drill made in India, however I couldn’t discover any
retailer within the U.S. or in Canada that carried it. The one avenue
I might consider was eBay.

After a brief search, I used to be fortunate to discover a
used drill at half the worth of a brand new one, and it even got here in
its authentic field. Thrilled to attempt it out, I inserted a three/eight” bit
into the chuck and gave the crank deal with a spin. The end result
was OK, however not nice. The high-speed gear appeared stiff whereas
the low gear was high-quality. So to seek out out what was unsuitable with the
drill, I opened the gearbox caps and probed the

The image that
unfolded was disagreeable – caked-up grease in a spectrum of
colours that one finds in toddler’s diaper or on the paint
pallet of an impressionist artist. The unique grease
disintegrated into black and arduous clay, brown and stiff goo and
smooth and runny honey-like oil. I made a decision to overtake the
gearbox in hopes of creating issues run smoother. So I picked up
a painter’s spatula, an previous toothbrush, a micro brush,
toothpicks, Q-tips and lint-free cotton rags.

First, I scraped up as a lot of the previous grease as I might with
the spatula. Then I grabbed the micro brush and bought out all of the
crud between the gear tooth. In spots the place cussed black
strands of metallic and grease refused to let go, I wetted the
space with mineral spirits and scrubbed once more. As you possibly can see in
the photographs beneath this was a tedious job. I used the Q-tips
solely on large surfaces to keep away from the fibers from catching within the

Quick strands of hardened grease and dirt packed the house
between the tooth needed to pressured out with a spatula. As soon as the
gunk was eliminated, each the helical gears and the bevel gear
labored significantly better.

As soon as the gearbox was fairly clear of previous
grease, I smeared a beneficiant quantity of latest artificial grease on
all areas of the gears, and dropped some oil on the the gear
axle bearings. Then I closed the field.

A brand new layer of grease is smeared on the gears.

Then I turned to the ball bearing across the
shaft behind the drill’s chuck.

I pushed out the retainer clip, lifted the cap
washer above the ball bearings and, with a makeshift spatula,
scraped the previous grease out. Subsequent I tucked in some new artificial
grease and recapped the bearing with the retainer ring.

The job was carried out – now to attempt the refurbished
device. It labored like a attraction, clean and quick. The trouble was
price it, for certain.

In spite of everything this work, I started pondering that,
though I found out a approach to give Asher a protected drill that
won’t damage his extremities, our home remained unprotected.
Because the saying goes: If all you’ve gotten is a hammer, all the pieces
seems to be like a nail – that means that when Asher begins utilizing the
drill (with a bit inside) he may quickly sufficient get uninterested in
the scrap items I present and take a look at drilling all over the place. This,
after all, is out of the query. So how do I make his
drilling expertise extra attention-grabbing for him however not
detrimental to our flooring, partitions and furnishings? I got here up with
the concept of creating a drill bit lookalike that won’t drill. I
picked up a wood peg and drew a sweet stick spiral on it. Now
when Asher turns the drill, he sees the spiral transferring and will get

We will see how lengthy this lasts earlier than my
toddler uncovers my deception and calls for the actual deal.

 — Yoav

When you have children (maybe barely older than is Asher)
try “Build
it with Dad
” by A.J. Hamler (after we reprint it, we’re
altering the title to “Construct it with Children” or one thing alongside
these strains). The e book has 22 initiatives appropriate for little
fingers and pursuits, with a piece on educating your children the
protected use of primary instruments and strategies. — Megan

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