Tip: Wipe it Where You Store it

wiping down

I do know a woodworker who mentioned he saved himself a whole lot of
steps a day merely by shifting his pencil sharpener so it’s
beneath his desk noticed. I had an identical “duh” second at this time when
I used to be wiping down a handsaw to place it in my instrument chest.

For the final 15 years I’ve stored an oily rag hanging on the
body of my articulated bench gentle. The place of the rag
allowed me to wipe down a instrument after I was achieved with it on the
bench. However generally I’m not on the bench. I’m engaged on
sawhorses or on the piece itself, that are each away from
the bench. So I’ve to circle across the bench to get the

Or generally I neglect to wipe issues down and have to show
round and head again to the bench to fetch the rag.

It’s not an enormous deal – my store is fairly small – however little
issues do add up.

wiping down

At this time I screwed an inexpensive cup hook into the lid of my instrument
chest (I’ll have a blacksmith make me one quickly). Then I hung
the oily rag on the hook. I instantly observed the
distinction as I labored the rest of the day. The rag was
proper the place it ought to be: Above the place the instruments are saved.

It’s a easy, silly factor. However each minute within the store
counts. And fewer faffing means extra woodworking.

— Christopher Schwarz

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Christopher Schwarz

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Chris is a contributing editor to Widespread Woodworking
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hand-tool fanatic (although he makes use of energy instruments, too).

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