Thin, Good Looking & Strong – Micro Plywood Splines, Part 1

plywood splines

This is among the most lovely bins that was inbuilt our
Ninth-grade class. The coed bolstered the hexagonal miters
with 4 splits per joint.

Whereas designing a Ninth-grade field venture, one
factor stored bugging me: How ought to we reinforce the miter joints
on the corners of the bins? After chopping the miters and
gluing the field elements collectively, I knew that we must add
some power to the corners – in any other case they might fail at
some level, as a result of easy miters usually are not dependable. So the
query was, what sort of reinforcement?

First I contemplated embedding a hid
dowel within the miter. However the threat of misaligned set up by
an inexperienced pupil was simply too massive to take. Then I
considered including reduce nails to the joint, which might look
very cool, however I speculated that maybe the nail might cut up
the tapered long-grain nook of the miter. Chopping conventional
desk noticed splines was not an possibility, both, as a result of our
program is geared towards hand instruments, apart from a
drill press. Then I recalled seeing a miter bolstered with
skinny items of veneer, and determined that was value

My plan was to discover a noticed that produces a kerf
extensive sufficient to permit a normal strip of veneer to nest in it.
The tolerances shouldn’t be too tight nor to free. Too tight,
and the veneer may break as we match it in, or it might get
caught halfway and never fill the total kerf depth. Too free, and
the spline wouldn’t do its job of efficient lengthy grain to lengthy
grain reinforcement (plus it could present an excessive amount of glue round
it). However I rapidly realized that utilizing veneer will be difficult
– primarily as a result of I didn’t discover a noticed that would produce the
“golden kerf,” but in addition as a result of veneer is simply too brittle,
each to chop into small rectangles and to be tucked into the
kerfs (bear in mind – I’m educating Ninth graders).

Then I recalled that I had a number of items of
model-making plywood and determined to offer these a attempt.
Mannequin-building plywood is a outstanding materials. It’s manufactured from
exceptionally skinny plies of hardwood and it is available in a number of
thickness. Those that I’ve are 1/32” and 1/64”.

Sheets of Micro Plywood

As I started experimenting with these things, I
rapidly realized simply how cool it’s. First off, it is vitally
sturdy and won’t tear like veneer. Second, it is vitally
versatile and you may belief its thickness to be uniform. On high
of this, it is vitally straightforward to chop, with out it crumbling like skinny
veneer, regardless of which path you chop. To make the splines
I used metal-cutting snips, however good tailor’s scissors or a
utility knife will do exactly fantastic.

To noticed a 1/32” kerf I used a Gyokucho Jushi
backsaw with a zero.3mm blade, and for the 1/32” kerf I used a
Shark fine-cut noticed.

You will get an estimate of the kerf’s thickness by measuring
the blade’s whole thickness (together with the set of the
teetch). I take advantage of a digital caliper for the job.

The Shark noticed produces a 1/32” kerf.

Most Gyokucho 1800mm saws produce a 1/64” kerf.

Many Japanese saws (even perhaps some
thin-plate Western saws) can be utilized to chop skinny kerfs, and I
speculate that in the event you experiment with the saws you have got at
hand, you will discover that a number of produces a kerf that would
home the plywood spline. But when you want to purchase a brand new noticed to
do this out, listed below are the specs for those I used:
Gyokucho with a black plastic deal with, 180mm, mannequin numbers 295,
290, 292 and 297 (1/64″ kerf); and Shark 10-2420, 10-5/eight″ High quality
Lower Noticed (1/32″ kerf).

In attempting this system, you’ll absolutely
uncover many different makes use of for the plywood splines, from
reinforcing a free image body nook, to stopping a cut up
in a glued panel joint from persevering with to unfold. With very
little effort it is possible for you to to revive and rehabilitate
elements that crack or separate, and it is possible for you to to take action
with reliable outcomes. 

In my subsequent put up, I’ll give some suggestions and
concepts on how you can lay out and set up hand-cut splines.

 — Yoav

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