These dogs are separated by fences — but that doesn’t stop their sweet friendship


Messy and Audi are two dogs who live across the street from one
another in Thailand. For the last year or so, they've had as
close a friendship as can be — without ever having actually met
face to face.

Oranit Kittragul noticed that Audi would often cry when left
alone outside in his yard. So Kittragul would dispatch her dog
— the sweet, friendly Messy — outside into their yard to
provide some comfort.

Messy would bark a little, which seemed to help Audi feel
better. "I don't know what they are communicating," she told
The Dodo. "But he stops crying."


When Messy and Audi finally met face to face, they embraced.

Then one day, Audi got loose. He seized the chance to finally
have contact with Messy, who welcomed the sweet embrace.

"He ran to my dog and they hugged each other," Kittragul said.


Oranit Kittragul luckily caught a photo of the sweet embrace.

Kittragul shared the photos on social media. While the hug
actually took place in February, in the last couple of weeks,
the dogs have been featured in publications across the world.


Messy's other hobbies include sitting in pools of water.

Kittragul told TODAY she's a little surprised at how much
attention they've received.

"My purpose is just to share a nice photo and story," she said.

But knowing Messy to be a lovely and affectionate dog,
Kittragul isn't surprised that he'd have such a tender


Oranit Kittragul said Messy is taking his fame in stride.
"He's an animal, I don't think he will respond to this
spotlight," she said.

The path to love isn't always smooth or easy, or entirely
fulfilling as a narrative. Despite a now-famous moment of
devotion, Messy and Audi haven't actually had the opportunity
to just get together and play.

"Not yet," Kittragul said. "But sometimes I bring Messy to
visit Audi in front of Audi's house."

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