The Nutsaver: This Stuff Writes Itself

The strap wrench at work on a fence collet.

The strap wrench at work on a fence collet.

A pair years in the past I revealed my secret disgrace: I exploit pliers to
tighten the spherical collets on the fences and depth stops of my
Veritas planes. Learn that submit

I used to be admonished by the “lovers of spherical brass issues” however then
ultimately was launched alone recognizance.


Just lately, knowledgeable woodworker in Wales devised a easy
leather-based and wooden strap wrench that tightens these brassy bits
with out marring them. Throughout a latest journey to England I
acquired one in all these wrenches from the maker, Bern Billsberry,
and my brass bits will ceaselessly be swaddled in black leather-based.

The aptly named Nutsaver is a device that you may select to purchase
or make. Bern has put up directions for making your individual
here on
his Instagram feed
. Anybody could make one with primary leather-based
and woodworking expertise. Within the U.Okay. you should buy one from Bern
by dropping him a line by way of his Instagram account.
In america,
Sterling Toolworks
carries the device.

It really works merely by way of friction and leverage. You set the
leather-based lasso on the nut and twist clockwise to tighten. The
nut will transfer solely a tiny bit – and that’s all it takes. At
that time you may be unable to loosen the nut by hand.

Tightening a depth stop.

Tightening a depth cease.

A bunch of my college students took a Veritas skew rabbet airplane for a
two-day joyride this month and the fence didn’t slip as soon as. Oh,
and the device additionally works on depth stops.

To loosen the nuts, flip the device over and repeat the method,
this time twisting it counterclockwise.

The tool reversed to loosen the collet.

The device reversed to loosen the collet.

In all, the gadget works remarkably properly. Wish to learn extra
double-entendres about metallic nuts and their eventual
salvation? Take a look at this entry by luthier Kieran Binnie at


— Christopher Schwarz

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