The Milwaukee Right-angle Attachment


I don’t like gizmos that attempt to make one device (like a drill
press) do the job of one other device (like a hollow-chisel
mortiser). The outcomes are often sub-optimal. However the

Milwaukee Right-angle Attachment
is the grand exception.

I’ve acquired just a few questions on this device as a result of I’m
proven utilizing it within the
November 2016 issue
of Widespread Woodworking

I’ve owned this attachment for about 5 years and have
discovered it to be an efficient alternative for a right-angle
drill. In contrast to a number of equipment you should buy at a house
heart, this one is tank-like – like somebody cared.

Its solely draw back is that its chuck accepts hex-head bits
solely. So I had to purchase a set of drill bits with hex shanks.
(That’s no huge deal, actually.) The upshot to the chuck is that
the entire gizmo has a low profile. That means that you can sneak
into locations even a right-angle drill gained’t go.

— Christopher Schwarz

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Christopher Schwarz

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Chris is a contributing editor to Widespread Woodworking
Journal and the writer at Misplaced Artwork Press. He is a
hand-tool fanatic (although he makes use of energy instruments, too).

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