The Emperor’s New Saw?


I constructed my Roubo clone body noticed a few years in the past after seeing a
comparable one in Colonial Williamsburg’s Hay store.  With my
model, which is a better approximation of the Roubo noticed in
each model and blade geometry, I tried to enhance on some
of the sluggish reducing attributes of the Hay store’s noticed.  Now
some 4 years later, I’m realizing these saws actually don’t
work that effectively.  They definitely aren’t a fast and simple
device for resawing.  And producing hand lower veneer (under)
is a feat of ability and little question specialty tooth-filing very
doubtless past the capabilities and persistence of regular

I simply wish to deliver just a few particulars to your consideration:

1) The log within the image actually isn’t that giant.  And
many of the cuts by way of the sap will very doubtless lead to
unusable materials.  If true, why would anybody make these
cuts?  Is it doable this image is merely illustrating
the idea and never an 18th-century snapshot of precise work?
(btw: discover the toe-pointing first-position stance of those
craftsmen – arduous to imagine any self respecting woodworker
would stand this manner, even when they’re French. Bought to be some
inventive license right here. We’re brothers all.)

Usually, when sawing skinny inventory, the noticed lower will wander to
the weak facet.  After I lower skinny inventory (and even rip a small
quantity from a board), I discover a strategy to assist that waste.
 Failing that, its all the time finest to resaw in halves. I’d
have began these cuts within the heart, then break up the
subsequent cuts.

Additionally, whatever the stress positioned on the blade, a skinny
piece of sheet steel can’t react to any torsion by any means.
 In use, these saws twist within the kerf, comply with the trail of
least resistance, and are usually tough to regulate.

2) Has anybody seen one in all these in an English store?  I’m
not speaking felloe saws, the quick body saws made widespread by
Windsor chair makers years in the past (who I believe exaggerated their
resawing capabilities).  The massive body noticed we have now seen
pictures of all the time come from French sources.  Keep in mind that
French craftsmen didn’t usually have English panel saws in
the 18th-century.

My expertise is that resaws of 12″ or much less are higher, quicker,
and extra simply dealt with with a rough toothed panel noticed. Resaws
over 12″ are finest dealt with at a mill.

three) My ham-fisted babel fish translation of Roubo went considerably
like this: When the work is small, [the cabinetmakers] do it
themselves.  In any other case they ship the work to the mill.
 (Isn’t that what I mentioned my expertise was above?)

Keep in mind that 12″, 18″, 20″ resaws are what pitsaws have been for. I
suppose a great, motivated crew may noticed 1″ per minute.
 “Perhaps quicker,” says Roy Underhill.  I can rip 1″
per stroke with a hand noticed by way of four/four inventory.  Maybe
this many-times made public admission has set an unrealistic
degree of expectation.

I hate to provide a negative-sounding or discouraging publish.
 However I really feel strongly that I’ll have misled people into
considering these saws are affordable approaches to resawing thick
materials by hand.  After 4 years of attempting and
refiling, I now imagine they don’t seem to be.  Nor do I imagine
that traditionally they have been fantastically productive instruments.

Yet one more phrase of warning: There are lots of people making
saws, submitting saws, promoting components or kits of saws that actually
aren’t optimized for the meant job.  To make saws effectively,
it’s a must to have finished quite a lot of take a look at cuts with them or
requested one man’s opinion.  Fantastically sculpted handles and
shiny blades received’t make it easier to noticed dovetails for 4 or six
hours. Likewise, there are a lot of glad clients raving
about saws that I don’t suppose work effectively.  Although I’d
by no means wish to be accusatory, I ponder what number of people are
responding after some vital use of the product, or do
they open the field, make a take a look at lower, then publish to a wooden discussion board.
With out taking a poke at anybody, beware.

My method to designing and making hand saws (I’ve made many)
was to make prototypes, typically many prototypes, and take a look at
them in actual world circumstances over a interval of years.
 Let’s name this publish the top of a type of take a look at
intervals.  I’d not provide my model of this noticed for
sale as a result of I don’t imagine it will meet the expectations of
woodworkers who’ve entry to good high quality panel saws.
 For the 18th-century French workmen, it could have been an
enchancment over what they’d.  For us, these saws are

100% honesty –Although I’ve all the time discovered a manner round it (and
by no means used one), I believe a big resawing bandsaw appears like a
good substitute for a pit noticed operation. I’d not be
embarrassed to have one in my “hand instruments solely” store. I doubt
it will be the top of my hand sawing days. And pit sawn lumber
appears like band sawn lumber (besides the pit noticed marks are at a
slight angle from perpendicular).  In the identical breath I
make this uniformed suggestion, I recall my very own advise to
pay attention fastidiously to these with sensible expertise.   I
invite you to assist your fellow woodworkers right here and now.
 Are you able to resaw 16″ huge eight/four″ boards into 2, three/four″ boards on
a band noticed? Do you want a particular band noticed, band noticed blade,
sled or outfeed rollers?  What does it take to resaw huge
lumber with trendy equipment?

Final phrase: I apologize to these I’ve impressed to make these
saws, and who later came upon they didn’t work fairly in addition to
I hyped. (No, I didn’t misspell “hoped”).

– Adam Cherubini

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