Stop Spelching with an Unlikely Ally: Sandpaper

Whenever you shoot finish grain with a handplane, it’s a must to be
cautious of spelching – when the top grain breaks off on the finish
of your stroke. There are a number of methods to keep away from spelching;
one of many fast methods is to make use of sandpaper.

This trick works greatest when you find yourself simply attempting to wash up
some finish grain by eradicating software marks. In case you are as a substitute
attempting to appropriate an out-of-square finish or need to take away a
lot of fabric, I feel it’s greatest to as a substitute bevel off the
nook with a chisel or a airplane to keep away from spelch.

So right here I’m cleansing up some handsaw marks on the top of an
odd-shaped dowel. Step one is to take some sandpaper
(#120 or #150 grit is ok) and break the nook that’s in
hazard of spelching (see the picture above). You need only a
small bevel – like what you’ll get in case you have been breaking
the sides earlier than ending.

Place the work in your capturing board and the bevel will probably be
fairly apparent. Take a stroke or two along with your handplane and
the bevel will shrink. For those who do it proper, the bevel will
nonetheless be intact and the nook will probably be intact.

I like this technique as a result of it’s usually rather a lot sooner than
beveling the nook with a handplane or chisel.

— Christopher Schwarz

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Christopher Schwarz

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Chris is a contributing editor to Well-liked Woodworking
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hand-tool fanatic (although he makes use of energy instruments, too).

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