Simple Wood Projects That Sell Great – Complete Guide!

hey everybody my name is Ray Copeland and more than likely you're watching this video because you're searching for simple wood projects that sell great you know a few years ago I was probably in the same shoes that you're in I'm looking on the internet I'm trying to find some decent information about you know some wood projects and some real solid plans that I could go by to be able to make some really cool projects that I could sell in my local town sell to my friends selling my family but you know what I kept striking out and it was very frustrating you know some of the planets that I was finding online they told me that I would be able to make this easy I'll be able to sell it quickly but unfortunately a lot of these plans were incomplete the stuff that they had listed on the plans were not right and when I was in the middle of the project that's when I discovered it so I wasted a lot of time we just stood of a lot of my resources and but fortunately enough and thank goodness I was able to find this awesome resource that had thousands and thousands of wood project plans that I could make and sell make some extra income you know I've been doing this for quite a while now as you can see here this wood table behind me you know I just got through staining it's going to make it into a table and this is one of the plans that are included in this and not of the thousands that are on there so if you're like me and you're searching for these wood projects that you can make and sale I did put a link in the video below in this video and I hope that you find it as helpful as it was to me feel free to like this video share it comment on it and thank you so much for watching it and happy building

Source: Youtube

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