Shellac is Not Bug Poop!

Shellac finishes

Proven listed below are three forms of shellac in already dissolved
type and 5 colours of shellac flakes so that you can dissolve
in denatured alcohol.

OK, it’s a small factor, however I nonetheless get irritated after I see
or hear shellac described as bug excretion. It’s not (suppose
of the associated phrase “excrement.”) It’s a resinous SEcretion
(massive distinction) from a bug that feeds off of plum timber,
that are native to South Asia.

The bug secretes the resin to shelter and defend its
offspring. The resin is then harvested and shipped across the
world. In Biblical instances the resin was most extremely valued for
its reddish coloration. Now it’s used primarily as a coating.

— Bob Flexner


Shellac finishes
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