Sharpen a Scraper – Ron Hock Shows You How

sharpen a scraper
Generally, a
smoothing aircraft simply can’t get issues clean sufficient (assume
reversing grain) – and should you’re a handplane consumer, you
most likely choose to not choose up the sandpaper (thought it’s
typically unavoidable). In that case, you flip to the helpful
card scraper.

A scraper can carry out miracles aircraft can’t…besides
that Ron Hock says as soon as
you flip a burr on the enterprise fringe of a scraper, you’ve
principally made the instrument into a really small aircraft.

He explains it higher than can I, on this video brief we
captured in the course of the shoot for “The
Perfect Edge: The Video Guide to Sharpening for
.” He additionally reveals you the easy jig he makes use of
for scraper sharpening (and tells you why he prefers an
oilstone for the method), and methods to burnish the freshly
sharpened edges to show a great hook. It’s a easy and
efficient course of.

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