See how this house went from dull to darling in just 4 months


Some things just get better with age, but that still means you
have to work at it. Case in point, this 100-year-old house, which got a stunning modern makeover by its new owners Meg
Jannott and Joe Benghauser.


The red-brick fireplace feels outdated next to beige walls.

The charming, 1,350-square-foot place located in Royal Oak,
Michigan, was transformed in about four months. “We are very
lucky in that our families helped us out tremendously and we
were able to do a lot of work ourselves with their help,” the
couple told TODAY Home over email.

Diana Liang Photography for
Apartment Therapy

Crisp white walls make the home feel brighter and fresher!

One of the most dramatic (and inexpensive!) things they did to
the three-bedroom, two-bath home is paint it. In the living
room, they chose a white hue to cover the beige walls, and the
update instantly brightened up the room.

“It’s amazing what paint can do,” they wrote, adding that they
want to go back and add an accent color to a wall. For now,
they find the white bright and fresh.


The home is 100 years old, but it lacked character before.

To give the home a sense of character, they furnished it with
classic wood pieces that feel rich and inviting.

Diana Liang Photography for
Apartment Therapy

With mid-century wooden furniture, the couple added some

One of the challenges of having such an old house is the uneven
floors, but the couple has embraced the quirk — at least for
now. The floors remain the same as they were when the two
bought the home, although they’ve added some carefully chosen
rugs that match the aesthetic of the space.


Uneven floors were a challenge.

Diana Liang Photography for
Apartment Therapy

Thoughtfully chosen rugs can add color and interest in a room
with old, uneven floors.

Both graphic designers, the couple designed everything on their
own. “We didn't have a set look in mind, necessarily, but all
of our things have sort of been coming together as we go,” they
wrote. “Our inspiration sources continue to be Pinterest and
Instagram (as well as) blogs that we follow. For us, it's been
a matter of living with something for a while and moving it
around until it feels right.”

And that leads to their biggest piece of advice for others who
want to update. “Don't rush,” they said. “Try to fill your home
with items that have meaning. It makes your home more personal
to you when pieces have a story to tell.”

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