Quick, Dirty & Effective Trammel Points

When beginning in woodworking I couldn’t afford an excellent set of
trammel factors. I had my grandfather’s set, however it didn’t lock
down effectively. Then at some point woodworker Troy Sexton confirmed me how he
drew giant arcs and I noticed that I already owned an
efficient trammel.

Troy makes use of a yardstick (or meter stick in case you are metric). Then
he bores holes in any respect the areas the place he desires to attract
arcs. And he has a gap bored on the 1” mark. He places a
thumbtack or nail within the gap at 1” and a pencil within the different

The one hitch is, in fact, that you might want to account for the
pivot gap being at 1”. So in order for you a 10” radius, you want a
gap at 11”.

In the present day I wanted to strike arcs with a 10” radius for a stool I’m
constructing and I used my previous aluminum yardstick (which I’ve had
since I used to be a child) to make the arcs.

To make a brand new gap for a brand new arc, first take a centerpunch and
dimple the yardstick on the precise location for the outlet – the
punch prevents the drill bit from wandering once you make the
gap. Then drill a gap utilizing a 1/16” bit, which inserts the
collar of a mechanical pencil.

The remainder is straightforward. Put a thumbtack via the 1” gap on the
heart of the radius. Put a pencil within the 11” gap and strike
the arc.

You possibly can, in fact, do the identical factor with a strip of wooden, however
I like utilizing the yardstick as a result of I’m much less probably to make use of the
fallacious gap or throw away the software accidentally.

— Christopher Schwarz

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