Q & A: Why are new chisels so dull?

AW85 Feb01 Q & A

Each time I purchase a blade, like a tablesaw blade or a router bit,
it’s at all times sharp. How come once I purchase chisels they’re duller
than a math lecture on the final day of faculty?



Though it appears cheap to count on new chisels to come back
sharp, there are three good explanation why they don’t.

First, sharpening is pricey. Some chisels do come
presharpened, however they value about $5 extra per chisel. Would you
be keen to pay for the primary sharp edge whenever you’ll
resharpen your chisel dozens of occasions?

Second, the roughly floor edge on a brand new chisel is definitely a
helpful secondary bevel. At 25 levels, it’s a decrease angle than
the chisel is supposed to chop at. Your job is to hone the chisel
to the first angle: 30 levels. The producer has saved
you a while by providing you with a decrease angle so now you have got solely
to hone the tip of the chisel.

Third, a pointy edge is fragile. Chances are high it wouldn’t survive
transport and dealing with. With a boring edge, you understand what you’ve

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