Poll: Cutting Tenon Cheeks

  • Two 10″ blades, with aluminum spacers and shims. I’ve
    them sized particularly to match my router bits. No fussing
    with becoming wanted.

  • Completely w/JHeller. Dado stack on a crosscut sled
    particularly for dado blade. Then clear up and modify match
    with rabbeting block aircraft or shoulder aircraft relying upon
    the scale/depth of the cheek. Typically use a chisel to
    undercut the shoulders. to permit for tight match.

  • It relies upon to a big diploma on what number of I’ve to make.
    Except for shopping for tenons I’ve at numerous instances
    used the entire strategies. My favorite for small jobs is
    hand instruments. For big jobs the leigh jig. In between
    the whole lot else together

  • “Pace tenon” on the tablesaw, then high quality tuned with a
    shoulder aircraft.

  • Minimize shoulders with my desk noticed, tough within the cheeks with
    the bandsaw, and finesse with a shoulder aircraft……

  • Leigh jig. The one mortises and tenons I’ve ever made.

  • One other one with Phil, I’ve used all of them, however principally
    as a result of as a hobbyist the place effectivity is not a precedence and
    I take pleasure in attempting totally different technique.s

  • I Use two skinny 10 inch blades utilizing a number of blade
    stableisers and shims from a dado set to high quality tune to
    separate the blades. this technique I haven’t got to fret
    about wooden variousness. Solely the scale of the tenons.

  • Ben,
    I am with Phil44 and others. One dimension (technique) doesn’t match
    all and sometimes I exploit a mix of tenoning
    strategies. I lately tenoned a stretcher for a bench with 5
    diploma splay and 11 diploma toe in.

  • I exploit biscuits 😉

  • I agree with phil44. I exploit all 4 strategies relying on
    the kind of joints I’m chopping. I’ve not mastered any of
    them but however I’ll carry on practising.

  • All the above and a few others. It relies upon upon the

  • I feel if I had been gonna use a dado stack, I might probably
    lean towards a field joint set. In any other case, I might want a
    bandsaw/shoulder aircraft combo.

  • tough trim with dado set, then high quality tune tenon thickness
    with a rabbit block aircraft, and trim the shoulders (the Phil
    Lowe approach) to the knifed line with a chisel.

  • WWinCCFL – Ah! Obtained me there.

  • I used to be utilizing a bandsaw. I might be switching to a variation
    of “I purchase my tenons” as in “I made my unfastened tenons.”

  • All of the above!

  • Village_Handyman – Doh! That is what you get for altering
    issues final minute! Good catch. Thanks.

  • How about correcting “I purchase mine tenons!” to learn “I purchase my

    In any other case, an fascinating survey. I gave my reply primarily based
    upon my most up-to-date tasks. Nonetheless, I’ve (and can)
    use all of those strategies.

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