New Collection: Ship-Shape Shop

We just compiled a new collection over at! I am in the midst of setting up my home
shop, so the pain of sorting out layout and storage is very
real for me. I have leaned on The Practical
for several ideas already. This collection
is a great value and won’t be around forever. If you’ve
considered picking up a couple of these titles, this may be a
great time to buy.

– David

Discover everything you need to know to keep your woodworking
shop in tip-top shape. These 7 resources include a variety of
projects specifically designed to improve and organize your
workshop. From hand tools to workbenches, this collection is
full of helpful information and instructions from master
woodworkers for both beginner and expert woodworkers.

The Practical


The Practical Workshop is the book you want
if you are looking to build a sensible shop
with good lighting, an efficient workflow and
everything you need to get on with your
woodworking. From workbenches to shop
furniture to storage solutions, this book
covers what you need. You’ll learn strategies
for machine & fixture placement and ways
to optimize work in your space.

Woodworking Essentials: Timeless Techniques
for Woodworkers


Based on a well-loved column
from Popular Woodworking
, “Woodworking Essentials” is a
treasure trove of timeless woodworking
instruction and advice for woodworkers of all
skill levels. From shop set-up to techniques
for using the most widely used woodworking
tools and machines, this book is a reference
you’ll turn to again and again.

The Workbench Design


How many times have you heard this: “The
workbench is the most important tool in your
shop.” While the statement is absolutely
true, it doesn’t help you answer the more
important question: Which workbench should I
build? This book explores that problem with a
depth and detail you won’t find in any other
source in print or online.

The New Traditional


If you’re more interested in working with
wood rather than machining it, you will be
relieved to learn that expensive powered
machinery isn’t required to build furniture.
You can also forget the dust masks, face
shields and hearing protection since many of
the safety concerns related to woodworking —
the use of power tools — are eliminated. In
this book, you’ll learn to set up a hand-tool
woodworking shop, then discover the toolset,
practice the skillset, and understand the
mindset — effectively completing a
comprehensive course in hand-tool

Building the Perfect Tool Chest


Why should woodworkers spend money on
prepackaged tool boxes when they can create
something better themselves? In this book
seasoned craftsman Jim Stack provides clear
and easy-to-follow instructions for building
15 tool chests. Each practical and stylish
design is adaptable to individual needs and
provides a convenient place to store all a
woodworker’s tools. Offering a wide range of
tool chest styles – from elegant to
utilitarian – and minimal tool requirements,
this exciting guide is sure to have a variety
of projects that will appeal to every
woodworker. Readers will also find that
completing these projects increases their
knowledge and mastery of basic woodworking

Woodshop Storage Solutions


Are you constantly looking for better and
more efficient ways of storing and using your
tools? By the time you’ve collected your
tools, gathered materials and started working
on your woodworking projects, space can be at
a premium. This book contains 16 ingenious
projects that will make your woodshop totally
efficient, extremely flexible and very safe.

Woodworker’s Reference


This collection is a must-have for any
woodworker! Find everything you need to know with
these two great resources:

601 Woodshop Tips &

The Woodworker’s Illustrated

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