Netgear Orbi Review: Finally! The Best WiFi Router! 😍

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And today I'm gonna be giving you a look at what might be the absolute best WiFi System I've ever used here in my home This is the Netgear Orbi and if you're a techie then you're probably familiar with the Netgear routers like the iconic Nighthawk series But Orbi is something different Rather than a single router, what you get here is two units which Netgear says will work in unison to eliminate WiFi dead spots inside the home One is the main router and the other is a satellite which extends and expands your WiFi network without signal degradation

Now you might remember me showing you another multi-node WiFi router system a few months ago and I said in that video that I'd bring you a full review later but I could just never get it working right I had constant network dropouts, I couldn't even get support to help me out and I pretty much almost threw in the towel on this whole multi-node WiFi System trend that we're seeing happening right now But then Netgear reached out and asked if I'd give the Orbi Tri-band Mesh System a try and I figured I couldn't get into an even bigger WiFi mess than I was already in so I figured, why not Big shout out by the way to Netgear, for sending over the Orbi, sponsoring this video and yes, slaying my WiFi problems once and for all Inside the box you'll find the main router unit as well as the satellite unit along with a 2-meter ethernet cable, two AC power adapters and a quick start guide

Powering these guys are quadcore 710 megahertz processors, 512 megabytes of RAM, four gigabytes of flash storage, and six high performance antennas with high-powered amplifiers which support implicit and explicit beamforming and multi-user MIMO for 80211 a/b/g/n/ac connections As for the ports you get four gigabit ethernet ports on the satellite and three on the router with the fourth used to connect your internet connection There's also a USB 20 port there as well

Now I live in a 2400 square foot home and Netgear says that this two unit system should be enough to cover a home up to 4000 square feet So obviously that's 1600 more square feet than what I have here and I expected if that was the case that they should perform very admirably And thankfully, they do But if you live in a home with a lot of brick or maybe chicken wire in the walls, it might not get the same effect in your place as it does mine But thankfully the Orbi system is built to be modular so while one satellite is included in the standard box, you can actually add up to two more

And each one gives you 2000 more square feet of coverage So if you add one more, that's 6000 square feet and if you add two more that's 8000 ridiculous square feet of WiFi coverage all from the Orbi WiFi System You're just not gonna find that anywhere else And I should mention the way that these work is different from what you get from a WiFi extender Extenders use a single band of signal for sending and receiving your data and communicating with the main router and the end result is that your speeds on that router can be cut by as much as 50 percent

With Orbi, these units have three bands, there's a five gigahertz and a 24 gigahertz band for your usage and then a second five gigahertz band that's used just by the Orbi units to communicate with each other What this means is that your WiFi signal speeds will be just as good on the satellite as they would be when you're connected to the main unit All my devices work great without me finding that I have toggle WiFi off and on to reconnect or reboot something or me being left in a heap of blood and tears of frustration because everything worked for a few minutes and then all of a sudden, WiFi dropped out in a certain room Those days are now gone

The Netgear Orbi is very user friendly as far as getting the whole thing set up The main unit replaces your current WiFi router then the satellite just gets plugged into a wall to sync The halo of light at the top blinks white while it establishes a connection If it gets a strong connection the halo light will turn blue A weak connection means it will turn amber and if it fails to connect to the main unit at all it will turn magenta which means you should move in closer to the main router

All in all, I'm super happy with the Netgear Orbi System I've never gotten rock solid WiFi in every corner of my home before and I've tried just about every major router released over the past five years since that's what I do The Netgear Orbi is the first one to give me fast WiFi completely throughout my home in every single room It sounds like a simple thing to say but at the end of the day, the Orbi did what it promised to do and for that alone, it makes it very easy for me to recommend You can pick up the Netgear Orbi WiFi System now for $399 for the two pack

It's obviously priced at the high end but for me it's worth it due to the fact that my WiFi troubles are now a thing of the past Whether wired or wireless, all my devices get fast stable connections without me having to fiddle with anything anymore And that is a thing of beauty But now guys, I wanna hear from you Tell me about the WiFi problems that you've had in the comments below

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