My route on how to get early wood upgrades and slayer before 1:50

Step 1: Start with a nearby minibase, one that takes 1 or 2 blinks max Step 2: Make 2 houses and 2 tents per minibase Step 3: Train 5 or 6 workers per house, they harvest faster than many Step 4: Don't go too far with minibases, conserve your mana, have 1 or 2 blinks for each one Step 5: Once you've made 4 minibases, you will have enough wood to make research center and start your first wood ugprade around 0:30 Step 6: After wood upgrade, you'll have 215 population, make 2 tents and build tavern and then your slayer, it will start before 1:50, in my case, around 1:44 Small tip:Keep each house between 2 trees, having house on the same line as a tree will mess up your workers Step 8: Practice your own route with the same concept, thank me later

Source: Youtube

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