Making Multiple Furniture Parts

Furniture Parts

There are other ways to make multiples of furnishings elements
with a CNC. On this photograph, I’ve laid out the elements in my CAD
program to suit the boards that I had readily available.

Query: Why Not Make Extra Than One?

For each digital woodworker, eventually you’re going ask
your self an vital query: In case you’re going to the difficulty
of constructing one thing, why not make multiple when you’re at
it? Within the previous
, I gave an instance of CNC half making by displaying a
form being minimize out of a board. It was a easy triangle, however
it demonstrated two vital advantages of a CNC. These instruments
have the power to make correct and tough cuts. However,
I hinted at one other half making profit: repeatability. I minimize
out eight of these triangles in lower than 20 minutes.

A CNC’s accuracy advantages woodworkers once you want
repeatability. They’re glorious instruments for making not only one
half, however a number of, equivalent elements. So, as a substitute of machining
only one stool leg for instance, why not make the opposite three
legs on the similar time? Otherwise you may select to make a number of
stools, when you’re at it. Correct half making on a CNC is
one thing that may be multiplied.

There’s multiple method to make elements

Making multiple half at a time with a CNC is a giant matter
that I’ll cowl intimately in a while, however this can be a good time to
introduce the essential ideas and strategies of constructing multiples.
You’ve decisions in the way you method this.

Like loads of processes in woodworking, there’s multiple
manner to do that. Normally, the strategies are a mix of
the way you structure your drawings and the way you arrange your CNC
machine. The identical approaches can be legitimate in the event you had been utilizing a
laser cutter.

The primary methodology is to structure elements on a drawing of the board
you’re chopping in your CAD program. 

This methodology works simply the way in which that it sounds. In your CAD
program, lay out your elements on a drawing of the board you’re
planning on chopping the elements from. Take the drawing of the
particular person elements and transfer them round and lay them out on a
measured drawing of the board you’re chopping from till they
match, leaving further room between the person elements for the
bit to journey and further alongside the perimeters for clamping the board
to the desk. For instance, with a three/eight” bit I go away at the very least a
half of” hole between elements. Put together the precise board as you
usually would — ensuring the board is completely flat on the
backside in order that it received’t transfer when clamped to the desk.
Place the board in place and start chopping.

The second methodology is to setup correct half registration of
clean inventory.

In case you arrange the CNC, clean inventory, and your minimize correctly, you
can simply make a number of, equivalent elements. To do this, you want
to first resolve on an “origin level” that you just reference to.
Often, that’s the place in your CAD drawing the place the X
and Y axes intersect. Then arrange the identical place on the
CNC’s mattress making that your CNC’s origin in order that they match.

Subsequent you setup stops on the desk in order that your clean inventory is
held on the similar location each time. Then clamp, mill and
repeat till you’re executed.

CNC Part Making

An instance of three elements being minimize on a CNC on the similar

Let’s take this concept even additional

In case you’re arrange for it, you’ll be able to take the thought of repeatability
even farther. I frequently mill as much as eight equivalent furnishings
elements at a time on my machine. I can do that as a result of my CNC’s
desk is laid out for pin-register accuracy and I make
good use of a companion modular system of assorted clamping jigs
and fixtures that I created to benefit from it. Thus, I
can have a number of, precisely positioned positioning setups on my
desk and rapidly mill a number of elements on the similar time.

As I’ve mentioned earlier than, making correct elements with a CNC is one in every of
the most effective makes use of of the machine. And now you already know that it’s not
simply concerning the accuracy of its cuts. The flexibility to provide
a number of elements makes a CNC an much more great tool in a
woodworker’s workshop. The draw back, after all, is that you just’ll
have fewer excuses to solely make one in every of your newest woodworking

— Tim

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