LG finally makes a G6 that doesn’t skimp on features

LG has announced a new version of its current G6 flagship
phone. The G6+ isn’t fundamentally much different to the
regular G6, but it comes with 128GB of storage, new “optical
marine blue” and “optical terra gold” colors, and the quad DAC
only previously found in Asian variants of the phone. It’s also
packaged with unspecified “premium” B&O Play earphones.

The quad DAC is a legitimate upgrade to the G6’s audio
performance. I’ve been using a Korean model of the phone for a
while and it
really does sound great
, even to these
not-especially-audiophile ears. The question is whether the G6+
will represent the first time this capability expands beyond

The G6 was
oddly fragmented between regions
, with the US exclusively
getting wireless charging at the expense of the quad DAC. LG
isn’t saying yet where the G6+ will be available, however. Some
models will include wireless charging, so it might be
reasonable to assume that it should make it to the US.

For current G6 owners, LG has also announced a software update
with features including facial unlocking, a low power
consumption mode, and a warning if you inadvertently cover the
camera lens with a finger — apparently something that can be an
issue with the G6’s wide-angle lens.

The G6+ and the G6 software update will arrive sometime in

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