Invisible repair for splintered corner

When a splintered edge grows to a dagger, effectively past what can
be simply rounded over, it may be laborious to connect again down,
primarily as a result of it’s laborious to get glue within the crack. Prying open
the splinter dangers making the crack larger or, worse, having
the piece break off. In some unspecified time in the future I noticed piece of
paper is the proper instrument for getting glue into that small
house. First slide the paper beneath the splinter so far as it
will go, and apply a beneficiant quantity of glue to the paper on
one aspect of the crack. Then work the paper backwards and forwards to
pull the glue beneath the splinter. When a lot of the glue is
faraway from the paper, pull it out and stretch a number of strips
of blue painter’s tape throughout the splinter to clamp it down. It
creates an invisible restore.

—MARK EDMUNDSON, Sandpoint, Idaho



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