How to look organized without actually cleaning your house


Clutter around the house? You're not alone.

We're all guilty of using the kitchen counter as a dumping
ground or letting the kids leave their toys out because it's
easier than cleaning up.

How to make your house LOOK organized (without actually
cleaning up)

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How to make your house LOOK organized (without actually
cleaning up)

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And while the thought of getting organized and cleaning might make
our stomachs turn, there are actually some easy ways to make
things look tidier without doing much. Now that's music to our

Amy Brightfield of Better Homes and Gardens shared some of her
best tips.

Living room

One of Brightfield's best tricks starts with the couch. Instead
of going for that luxe leather sofa, pick one that's faux
leather or made with outdoor fabric. They make wiping off
stains a breeze.

Now for the bookshelves: It's easy to fill them with trinkets
and knick-knacks that need a home, but Brightfield says less is
more. She recommends going for a minimalist and
color-coordinated look to instantly give the appearance of a
tidier space.

When it comes to decorative pillows, Brightfield recommends
pulling in the same colors from the shelves for an instantly
unified look.

And if you have a pet around, it's all about functionality. She
loves the idea of using an end table that doubles as a dog
crate. Talk about a space-saving trick!

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For the little ones, use a bean bag chair that has storage in
it for toys. It will leave them easily accessible for playtime
without creating extra clutter.

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But one of Brightfield's best secrets for making your house
look more organized is to use ... scents. Yes, really! She says
that nice smells can distract people from seeing the clutter
and chaos in a room.


People say first impressions count, and the same goes for your

One of the easiest ways to clear up clutter is to get a basket
for mail. Then, put a trashcan nearby, so you can throw out the
envelopes and junk mail right away instead of letting them pile

Brightfield loves the idea of keeping things accessible, but
hidden. One of her best tricks is hiding a key rack right
behind a piece of art, so you'll always find them without them
being in the way of everything else. Genius!

Home office

Printers are big and bulky, but they don't have to be in the
way. Brightfield suggests investing in a desk with drawers big
enough to store a printer inside.

For the cables, which undeniably annoying, she likes hiding
them in a basket under the desk. It keeps them contained and off the floor.

How easy is that!

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