How to “Build” a Classic Sawhorse

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I’m within the means of changing a pair of my 15-year outdated
sawhorses which have been a key part of my workshop. I
suggest the early Fantastic Woodworking article by Sam Allen
Sep/Oct 1980, No. 24. Though his drawing is weak and with out
angles and dimensions, the textual content the article is kind of
informational. Within the following steps and connected video, I
will present learn how to “construct” this traditional sawhorse.

It is a photograph of the writer’s drawing proven within the article. I
imported to SketchUp and made it full-size, however it isn’t of
a lot use in doing the modeling.


Here’s a image of the assembled mannequin in SketchUp.


Wherever I can, I benefit from symmetry in SketchUp
modeling, because it eliminates redundant work (too dangerous this will’t
be accomplished within the store). On this case I can model-up one quadrant
of the sawhorse, after which copy to all different corners.

The place to begin in SketchUp – and within the store – is the
Saddle, a 2 x 6, 42-in. lengthy. One quarter of this Saddle is a
rectangular piece 2 three/Four-in. W, 21-in. L, and 1 1/2-in. thick.
To that I add a 1&instances;6 Leg that’s 28-in. lengthy.


Observe that the Leg is perpendicular at this level and the subsequent
steps rotate it into its compound angles. The angles are 75
levels in each instructions. See the video for the sequence of


With the above meeting, probably the most difficult function is
creating the achieve within the saddle. With the Intersection function
primarily, a really correct joint cutout is made. Right here is the
end result with the Leg “hidden”.

After a number of different steps as proven within the video, the quadrant
is full as proven under.


The mixture of the 2 quadrants above, is then copied
once more and flipped to make two halves which might be then mixed for
the entire sawhorse.


Right here is the video:

Tim Killen


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