How I Use a CNC: Making Parts Using Hybrid Techniques

Hybrid Techniques

Furnishings making includes making numerous elements. Stacks of
eating chair elements are made by first tough slicing inventory.
Then they’re formed with patterns on a shaper.

How I Make Elements Utilizing Hybrid Woodworking Strategies

In earlier posts, I wrote about what led me to get my very own CNC.
Now that I’ve one, a few questions come up. What’s
modified in how I do my work? What do I do with a CNC? Within the
subsequent two posts, I’ll clarify how I beforehand made furnishings
utilizing a mixture of energy and hand instruments and the way I’m now
utilizing a CNC to assist me accomplish the identical duties.

First up. Making elements. Exterior of joinery, making elements is a
furnishings maker’s major woodworking job. Since my purchasers
are likely to order a number of items meaning plenty of elements to make.
As a result of I make a residing at it, I must be environment friendly with my
time and the elements I produce need to be correct. Like many
woodworkers I take a hybrid method and use energy instruments the place
acceptable. Saws for tough slicing. Jointers and planers to
sq. and thickness materials. In the best scenario, hand
instruments are used which regularly are a greater, sooner and extra
environment friendly resolution than energy instruments.

Now it’s time to chop the elements that aren’t going to finish up
rectangular. Since I make only a few issues which are sq.
that signifies that most elements want extra work. I exploit numerous
strategies to get my furnishings elements into their remaining form.
However, my major methodology is utilizing patterns and shaping.

First, I tough minimize the half with a bandsaw to simply outdoors a
line that’s drawn round a sample. For shaping, I exploit my
favourite shaping jig that adapts to the half as a substitute of the
different method round. I wrote about it a number of years in the past for one more
woodworking journal. Patterns and tough minimize boards are clamped
to the jig then it’s off to my two shapers to form elements.


My shaping jig can be a jig system based mostly on a three half″ grid
format. A standardized high clamp part is connected to
numerous bases and adjusted to place and maintain the half
optimally. Consequently, I can form furnishings elements of any
measurement or form from small to eight′ lengthy.

Heaps and Numerous Shaping

To be trustworthy, I actually like shaping. Which will make me uncommon.
Most woodworkers don’t like doing it as a result of it’s a justifiably
intimidating course of that basically retains you in your toes.
Nevertheless, armed with a fantastic jig the duty is quicker, safer and
way more nice to do. One of many causes I like doing it’s
that while you’re finished, a superbly formed half is the reward.

Sadly, shaping is just not a one-step course of. There’s loads
of added element and fussiness alongside the best way to a accomplished
half. A key challenge in utilizing a shaper correctly and safely is that
extra must be left on the entry and exit factors to be later
cleaned up with a small airplane or a sander. After that, you sand
to mix. The whole means of sample shaping ends in a
excellent half. It’s not an ideal half, but it surely’s shut. And,
then there’s the difficulty of time. Shaping is time-consuming. I
commonly spend a number of days at a time doing it.

If it’s precision you’re after, then digital woodworking provides
clear benefits in terms of half making. Probably,
CNCs provide you with perfection the place you want it essentially the most. Half
making is without doubt one of the greatest makes use of of a CNC router in a woodworking
workshop. As a result of they’ve a excessive stage of precision and
repeatability and so they don’t care in the event that they’re slicing straight,
round a curve, in a zig zag or any sort of form you come up
with, it makes CNCs a super software to for slicing elements.

I’ll provide you with a easy instance of how I exploit a CNC to chop a
half in my subsequent submit.

— Tim

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