How Best to Adjust the Cap Iron on a Veritas Plane


I purchased one of many new Veritas bevel-down planes to get
conversant in its components – I’m fairly certain I’m going to see a
lot of those planes at woodworking faculties and within the arms
of scholars within the coming months.

General, it’s an important aircraft, and I’ve a full assessment coming
up shortly in Standard Woodworking Journal. One of many
little difficulties I had with the aircraft at first was getting
the cap iron place dialed in the place I needed. I adopted
the software’s directions to the letter, and I believe that was
what was giving me suits.


The cap iron and blade are held collectively by way of a “blade
service,” a intelligent gizmo that makes use of two screws. One screw
affixes the blade service to the blade. The second screw
secures the cap iron to the blade service.

It sounds extra sophisticated than it truly is.

The essential drawback was the directions say to safe the
blade service’s place earlier than securing the cap iron. Once I
did that, the cap iron would creep in all places after I
moved the cap screw.

When you reverse the method – safe the cap iron after which the
blade service – issues work a lot better.

Acquired it?

I didn’t assume so. As a result of there are such a lot of new components to
this software I made a brief video that explains the components and
methods to make them play good collectively.

— Christopher Schwarz

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