Handplanes for the Power-Tool Woodworker

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I’m on the highway with The Woodworking Exhibits this winter and one
of my seminars is entitled “Hand Planes for the Energy-Instrument
Woodworker.” I’ve chosen the subject just because there are a
lot of power-tool-centric woodworkers who really feel there isn’t any want
for handplanes of their retailers. So, in fact, I’ve to attempt to
rectify this false impression and persuade the non-believers that
handplanes are extra than simply one more reason to spend numerous
hours cruising eBay.

Earlier than I put the seminar collectively, I polled fairly a couple of buddies
and colleagues to get their tackle what a primary set of planes
needs to be. The one aircraft that everyone talked about was the
low-angle, adjustable-throat block aircraft. I typically consult with
these little gems because the open-end adjustable wrenches of the
handplane household.

The bevel-up, low-angle
aircraft (25° bevel plus 12° mattress creates a 37° slicing angle)
works extremely effectively for trimming finish grain, refining edges,
and becoming doorways and drawers. It might probably even be an efficient
smoothing aircraft on smaller items of extremely figured wooden. The
means to regulate the throat is crucial for making wonderful
end cuts in troublesome wooden, the identical as its bigger cousins
the bench planes. These planes are available on eBay
and from vintage instrument sellers, however look ahead to cracks on both
facet of the throat (heel facet, usually brought on by
overtightening the blade cap).

One other aircraft that was virtually universally really helpful is the
No. 5 jack aircraft.

3Stanley began producing the
all-iron Bailey No. 5 someday across the finish of the Civil Battle
and it shortly grew to become a favourite of cabinetmakers and
carpenters. It has a sole that’s lengthy sufficient to be a reasonably
good jointer however nonetheless brief sufficient to be a reliable smoother.
It was thought-about a “jack of all trades,” which led to the
identify. I’ve used my jack aircraft for flattening one facet of
inventory too extensive for my jointer earlier than feeding the board into my
planer. I’ve trimmed passage doorways, cupboard doorways, and used it
for a number of different wood-removing store chores. Due to the
excessive slicing angle (45°), it’s not a champ at trimming finish
grain like the trendy bevel-up jacks, however its basic utility
makes it vital for any store. Good pre-World Battle II
Stanley Bailey No. 5s are low cost and plentiful, and if they’ve
their authentic blades they require nothing greater than a very good
sharpening and basic tune-up to grow to be a stalwart of the

The third aircraft I’d
suggest is the Stanley 78, a multi-purpose aircraft that was
initially referred to as a fillister aircraft. The aircraft was immensely
in style from the late 19th century by means of WWII as a vital
for creating rabbets, cross-ploughing for bridle or lap joints,
creating and trimming tenons, and a number of different chores. A rod
that threads into the aircraft physique permits using a fence for
setting the width of a rabbet, and a shoe mounted on the
reverse facet of the physique creates a constant depth of lower, a
excellent mixture for creating fast, correct rabbets.

5The aircraft blade is bedded at
45°, so trimming finish grain shouldn’t be its forte.

On the facet of the aircraft that holds the depth shoe is a
three-lobed system known as the nicker. The nicker might be
rotated to reveal a pointy spur that extends barely beneath the
sole of the aircraft and successfully shears the grain of the wooden
instantly in entrance of the blade, creating an acceptable
cross-grain plough aircraft. The blade and cap might be moved to a
ahead place, creating an OK bullnose aircraft. It’s fairly a
versatile little aircraft, and since the Stanley 78 was so
in style within the day, it’s nonetheless plentiful and cheap.

6Be certain the fence, depth
shoe, and nicker are all current when buying one among these
planes; they regularly have been discarded alongside the way in which.

That’s my tackle a primary set of handplanes. Now let me hear
what you’d embody in an entry-level handplane set.

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