Get Lubed Up in 19th-century Style

Ever since Roy Underhill wrote concerning the joys of mutton tallow
as a software lubricant in Fashionable Woodworking Journal in
August 2010 issue
, readers have been asking the place to
buy the stuff. Or, much more alarming, the right way to render it

The excellent news is that Lee Valley Instruments has began to hold

McQueen’s Pure Mutton Tallow
for $2.95 for a 1 oz. tin.
That’s fairly a discount – on the mutton tallow black market I’ve
seen it go for as a lot as $11.

What’s it good for? Properly nearly all the pieces within the store. I
prefer to apply it to noticed blades specifically. Tallow is slicker
than paraffin and doesn’t appear to put on off the blade as
shortly. (OK, it’s greasier. There. I stated it. However greasy is

It additionally works properly on airplane soles. And Roy defined that the
black coating you can find on some previous wooden-bodied instruments was
doubtless from tallow.

However doesn’t it intrude with glue adhesion, end penetration
and trigger sunspots? The brief reply: nope. I utilized some
on to some cherry just a few months in the past after which utilized
oil-based stain and finishes over it. Though I had smeared
on a superb little bit of the stuff, the stain nonetheless penetrated and the
end nonetheless caught.

Whenever you apply any lubricant to your instruments, likelihood is that
little or none of it would stay once you get to the gluing and
ending stage of your undertaking. Keep in mind: The chopping software is
eradicating the wooden that you just simply lubricated. So it’s a
non-issue, until you abuse the stuff.

By the best way, mutton tallow can also be a conventional treatment for
chapped pores and skin and is the muse for quite a lot of conventional
ointments. You can also slick up that mustache after a day in
the store. I hear nothing is extra engaging to ladies than the
scent of lamb chops.

— Christopher Schwarz

Along with reintroducing the world to mutton tallow, Roy
Underhill has written one among my favourite articles ever
printed in Fashionable Woodworking: “Roubo’s Folding
” from the February 2011 difficulty. The story precipitated
fairly a stir, and for those who don’t have that difficulty, I feel it’s
one to personal. Purchase the problem
, or the 2011 CD of all of the articles from final 12 months


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