Get Four Feet Flat on the Floor


Getting all 4 ft of a chair or desk in the identical aircraft
could be a problem. What makes the duty tougher is
that it may be troublesome to determine if you find yourself completed with
the job of leveling the ft. In any case, your store ground,
your workbench or your desk noticed are unlikely to be actually

What do you do? (Moreover shopping for shag carpet for each room of
your buyer’s residence.)

Right here’s how I cope with it. I’ve a bit of plywood that I
usually affirm is flat with the assistance of a straightedge.
After I degree the legs of a chair or small desk, I flip the
challenge the wrong way up on my workbench after which place the
plywood on prime of the upturned ft.

If the plywood doesn’t rock on the ft, then I’m completed.


But when the plywood does teeter on two of the ft I can
simply see the culprits. I take away the plywood and shave down
the excessive ft with a block aircraft. Then I check the ft once more
and repeat till all 4 ft contact the plywood.

Then I can say with confidence: Your chair is rocking as a result of
your ground is uneven. Transfer the chair to a different spot and check out
once more.

— Christopher Schwarz

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Christopher Schwarz

About Christopher Schwarz

Chris is a contributing editor to Standard Woodworking
Journal and the writer at Misplaced Artwork Press. He is a
hand-tool fanatic (although he makes use of energy instruments, too).

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