Finishing in Colder Temperatures

Extreme orange peel, brought on by spraying too thick a end
with too little air stress.

We’re effectively into winter now, and you’ll have observed that
your finishes appear thicker. Thicker finishes are extra possible
to orange peel or depart brush marks.

Brush marks, made worse when the end thickens in chilly

You’ll be able to cope with this by including thinner, however this can
cut back the construct of every coat. It’s higher to make certain your
finishes are heat earlier than making use of them. Listed below are some

  • Hold your finishes off the ground, particularly off of
    concrete flooring.
  • Transfer the finishes into your home or workplace, particularly
    in the course of the night time while you in all probability flip the temperature down
    in your store.
  • Heat the end earlier than utilizing it. There are a number of methods
    of doing this, together with placing the end container right into a
    bigger bucket of sizzling water or wrapping it with a heating pad
    or devoted bucket or drum heater like these offered by
  • You could possibly additionally heat a end in a microwave (no steel) or
    oven so long as the container isn’t too massive.

— Bob Flexner


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Bob Flexner

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