Finish for Maloof-style chair

maloof style chair

A gorgeous Maloof-style chair.

I received a name from a fellow who made a Sam Maloof-style chair
and screwed up the end utilizing Maloof’s system. I assumed,
how are you going to screw up a Maloof end?

Maloof mixed three merchandise – polyurethane, linseed oil and
tung oil – to present him the look he favored on his chairs. Then he
wiped on and wiped off a number of coats of the end, rubbing
every coat together with his calloused palms (type of like rubbing with
advantageous metal wool, Scotch-Brite or sandpaper) to make the end
really feel very easy.

Twelve manufacturers of water-based end with typically unclear

After all, we don’t know if Maloof used 100-percent tung oil
(actual tung oil) or one of many many mislabeled “tung oils” on
the market, which are literally varnish thinned about half with
mineral spirits (paint thinner). We don’t know, but it surely wouldn’t
actually matter a lot as a result of it might nonetheless be an oil/varnish
mix both manner. So it couldn’t be constructed up as a result of it
wouldn’t dry exhausting. The thinned varnish would add a barely
larger shine than the 100-percent tung oil, but it surely wouldn’t be
very noticeable.

Anyway, the caller had not paid shut sufficient consideration when he
purchased his polyurethane; he used water-based polyurethane
as an alternative of oil-based polyurethane. Water and oil don’t combine, so
the end didn’t dry nicely or look proper. It was gummy and
there have been blushed, or off-white, areas.

The purpose of this story is to not clear up the issue. That’s
simple. In some way, sufficient of the end needs to be eliminated with
solvents, strippers or abrasives to create a floor that may
then be completed with the right combination.

If the label isn’t clear, search for clues corresponding to quick drying,
low odor, water clean-up or water thinning.

The purpose is to warning you concerning the labeling of water-based
finishes – really the labeling on all ending merchandise.
Manufactures are sometimes not user-friendly with regards to their

— Bob Flexner


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