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drum sander

Generally I really feel the necessity to take a look at myself, significantly when it
involves crap I say and crap I do.

For a few years I’ve contended that utilizing handplanes is quicker
in nearly each workshop scenario – versus even a
random-orbit, DA and drum sander. (I’ve not confronted an industrial
wide-belt sander. But.)

Just lately I purchased a pleasant drum sander for dimensioning skinny lams
for a giant load of bent lamination work forward on my schedule.
Drum sanders excel at this sort of dimensioning work the place
planers fail. Plus, the used machine was a tremendous deal.

Now earlier than you soar my case about my drum sander expertise, let me
say I’m an ace with this machine — together with this model — and
have it dialed in completely. I’ve used them for a few years in a
manufacturing surroundings.

This week I made a decision to make use of it to course of about 100 board ft
of backboards for a 12′ run of shelving I’m constructing for a
good friend. After operating the poplar by means of the planer I sanded it
at #100 grit on as much as #180 grit. The entire course of took eight
hours and – regardless of my mud masks and glorious mud assortment
– I used to be nonetheless mining black boogers for 2 days after.

This morning I sprayed on two coats of shellac and was, nicely,
disgusted with the outcomes. The vertical scratches left by the
drum sander collected the shellac. And whereas most individuals
(non-woodworkers) would say it appears OK, I wouldn’t put my identify
on it.

So I took the backboards to the bench and in 14 minutes flat I
had one-third of them cleaned up. The junky shellac and sanding
scratches have been gone and the boards have been able to refinish.

Although I flushed eight hours down the potty of life, I do really feel
assured in saying: Handplanes are higher than energy sanding.

Sure, studying to handplane can take a while. However you’re going to get
it again in spades throughout the lengthy haul.

— Christopher Schwarz

P.S. Wish to study to tune up a classic airplane? We produced this
video a number of years in the past that exhibits you learn how to flip a classic
airplane right into a incredible instrument: “Super-tune
a Handplane

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