Exotic Animal Veterinarian Laurie Hess Discusses Her New Book ‘Unlikely Companions’

In her new ebook—”Unlikely Companions: The Adventures of an
Exotic Animal Doctor (Or, What Friends, Feathered, Furred, and
Scaled Have Taught Me About Life and Love
“—Laurie Hess,
DVM, offers readers an unprecendented look into the lifetime of a
veterinarian who offers with some out-of-the-ordinary pets.


From her unqiue challenges at work (together with fixing
mysterious instances involving the tragic deaths of sugar
gliders in her space) to balancing her house life, Hess’s memoir
(which she co-wrote with Samantha Rose) supplies insights into
all types of animals and the individuals who love them. 


Hess chatted with petMD about her ebook and it is five-year
journey to print. “We went by completely different variations and
completely different feels,” she tells us, including, that in the end, “It’s
very a lot the way in which we needed it to return out.”


Hess—who treats every thing from lizards to birds to
rabbits—explains, “I all the time attempt to write about, and discuss
about, standing up for the notion that unique pets want
preventative medical care.” 


Whereas Hess is a canine and cat father or mother herself, she needs pet
homeowners to know that every one animals deserve the identical
particular consideration and love. Hess urges that for those who personal an
unique pet, “You ought to carry them to the vet, they
ought to have check-ups, they need to have the identical alternatives
that canines and cats do.”


Hess additionally needs unique pet homeowners to really feel much less alone in a
market that is saturated with love for extra “mainstream”


“There are books like ‘Marley & Me’ for canine homeowners or
‘The Library Cat’ for cat homeowners, however there haven’t been
that many unique animal tales that individuals with all kinds of
pets might relate to,” she says. “I needed to jot down them a ebook
they may establish with and go, ‘Hey, that’s precisely what I
went by’ or ‘That’s how I really feel about my


It is that sentiment and respect for unique animal
dad and mom that comes by on the pages of Unlikely Companions.
The ebook not solely reveals the wild nature of her
, nevertheless it’s a love letter to those that adore
their pets—it doesn’t matter what. It is the folks and the pets that
make Hess’ job so fulfilling.


“I get to see somebody whose first pet is a hamster to the
critical snake breeder to hen homeowners who have had [their
pets for] 40 or 50 years,” she says. “You type very shut
relationships with these folks. These folks develop into like my
household, it’s a pleasant dynamic.”


Unlikely Companions is offered on November 1. 


Picture by way of Jamie Kilgore 

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