Ep 3 – Handplane Sharpening

  • Wow, simply discovered this collection – superb explanations. The
    one on grain was terrific. Seeing the examples of grain
    route made rather more sense than the stuff I’ve learn.

  • By no means Thoughts… I watched this a couple of days in the past and have been
    around the globe and again concerning sharpening analysis. I
    rewatched simply now and see he is utilizing a diamond plate,
    relatively than the norton flattening stone, so I suppose that
    confirms my thought to go together with norton stones and a diamond
    plate. sorry for the confusion. Nice video collection, by the

  • Hello, I am new to these things and the stones will likely be a significant
    funding for me. I am torn between the nortons described
    right here and the Shaptons really helpful by Bob Van Dyke within the
    June 2016 concern. I haven’t got a difficulty with the Norton
    sharpening stones as a lot as I do with the Norton
    flattening stone you are utilizing right here, compared to the
    DMT lapping plate Van Dyke makes use of. The Norton flattening
    stone will itself finally require flattening by
    one thing just like the DMT, which leads me to consider possibly
    utilizing the Norton sharpening stones, together with a DMT
    lapping plate is likely to be the best way to go. Maybe someday, when
    the Nortons put on out, I’d improve to the shaptons. Any

  • Mike, simply curious why you do not use diamond plate stones?
    Wouldn’t that just about mitigate the deformation of the
    stones floor conserving it flat?

  • Finest video I’ve seen on sharpening. Thanks!

  • Thanks for one more nice video.
    This Neanderthal woodworker would recognize your
    guesstimate at how a lot strain your utilizing. Arduous to inform
    in case your knuckles are altering coloration.

  • Nice video Mike however I’ve a query. All my planes are
    bevel up. While you spoke about “flattening” the again of
    easy planes with the ruler trick you indicated it will
    not work for chisels as a result of they’re used bevel up and the
    again must be useless degree as it’s a reference floor
    the place that is not the case with bevel down planes. Would you
    use the ruler trick for bevel up planes?

  • Thanks Mike. I overlook the little issues generally, your
    movies all the time deliver them again.

  • I not too long ago took a category with Mike on the Connecticut Valley
    College of Woodworking, each Mike and the varsity had been price
    each penny! Mike is a top-notch teacher and the CVSW is
    an excellent institution that executes it is instruction
    with a high degree of high quality tools and a studying fashion
    for woodworkers at each degree. Mike actually brings your
    high quality of labor to an entire new understanding. I’ll
    return! I’m a greater woodworking after only one class
    due to Mike and the CVSW.

  • Mike,
    Effectively executed, as regular.
    Notice that Charlesworth initially described the “ruler
    trick” with a grinding movement that handed off and again on
    the sting of the stone. I believe the rationale for that was
    the curved bevel. When you think about the curved bevel sitting
    on flat stone angled up by the ruler then solely the middle
    of the curve is being sharpened. Nonetheless in transferring off and
    on the stone then the perimeters make contact and are sharpened
    as nicely. So, a couple of extra angels to suit on this pin. 😉

  • Good. For a lot too lengthy I’ve tried to shine approach an excessive amount of of
    the blade as an alternative of the forefront losing a lot an excessive amount of

  • Good job, Mike. If an image is price a thousand phrases,
    then a video is sort of like being there. love the entire
    collection on planes.

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