Dovetails – A Beginning Exercise

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Final time I confirmed an train in making probably the most used joint in
woodworking – the mortise & tenon. On this train, I present
the best way to make one other very talked-about joint – the dovetail.

The dovetail is the strongest joint for becoming a member of items collectively
at proper angles of their thickness, and is extensively used for
containers, cupboard carcases, drawers, and related box-like
buildings. Its benefit is that it has appreciable
mechanical energy. There are three foremost varieties – the via
dovetail that reveals on each outer surfaces, the lapped dovetail
(or blind dovetail) that reveals on one aspect however not the opposite,
and the key or hidden dovetail through which the dovetail is
fully hidden.

Right here is an array of varied dovetail types.

On this train, I present a via dovetail however one that’s
“ornamental”. Certainly dovetails have grow to be a lovely
characteristic, and right here is one model that might look good in lots of
furnishings examples.

Right here is how the joint seems in mahogany.

Right here is the dimensioned drawing that can be utilized for this

It is a High View in Parallel Projection, to create the total
dimension template for store work.



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