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This video is about family Specifically, about the new family member

So I made this light box as an unofficial family portrait You will start cutting cardboard squares My measuring 165cm x 165cm

And I did many square card After cutting the first card square you can use it to measure and cut the others It will save much time Now, in every square, you'll make an edge of 1 cm wide Let feather necklace paper strips (foam core) 1 cm wide edge in this area

This will give stiffness The area of ​​the edge, then, is an area where you do nothing – just paste the feather paper I Googled and found a silhouette of figures like After I did print, and will serve as models for me to draw So I put on top of the square design, with a strong light in the background

And I traced the drawings Be careful to do everything within the box that was after making the edge

Because I want to make a bucolic escena It was find otra image on Google, this time a horizon of trees You will notice that I drew a tree in a paper And others in another paper to give the 3D aspect The first and now I'm plotting what did prior to the second square You can see the 3D effect of the light box It is made with several layers of paper cut Here I made a drawing of a tree that want stand in front of the family, but to the side of her too Just take the original image Famila with a new paper on top back will fondo light to make the design around the figures I just drew something I thought would be cool, with no default

Then and return to the table and refine a little drawing erase what the like, etc add new details I decided to include more leaves and tree branches in front of the other trees I had to make a new square for that – to put some land to people trample Behind the family scene, I have two hills ranging dividing the square in the middle It is only curved lines going in opposite directions Then it was just cut everything

that simple But it is very annoying to cut so much and in such detail One thing I discovered in the process It is that it is much easier to pull the knife to cut, especially in areas of fine detail Pulling the knife out to the area you want to keep

It may even be obvious, but images you want to appear in the final product They must be connected to the square edge There can then play a role "floating" in the middle of the square, without being connected to the edge This project was an exercise in patience to follow a plan and drawings and try not to hurry Also, if I made a mistake, It was not critical everything went well in the end! The reason why we let this edge was because we paste some strips of paper plume same width (1 cm) And when we put them, it will be like a rigid frame You better cut many strips Now you cut the strips with the same square of the length (165cm) It is to paste back in the edge of the area of ​​the square I used a lot of hot glue! It begins with pieces of paper feather to stick to the sides And will cut other smaller strips to fill the space between

And the hot glue and great for that This project had many cuts too much glue many details

It upsets me a bit, all that But when I saw how it would be the result It was very cool! And I started thinking A few days ago, we were a family of 3 And nows are a family of 4 people It was now that I decided I wanted to add 2 more layers a layer to soften the light and a layer with a "moon" Here are marking where I want to put the moon in another square

and a compinho to measure drugs, traced a circle And I cut very carefully The to see how it goes Then I used the square to draw another square a printer plain paper And I'll leave it like that to soften the light

Again paste strips of paper feather And now! Almost finished

I am measuring the thickness of what will be the case And I will add more 25cm The total thickness is 75cm

already counting on the 25cm more, and I cut pieces of 75cm wide That cry was my daughter Since I will paste these pieces to the sides of the square to form the box and to hold everything in place, in addition to a beautiful appearance

cut the pieces to length (165cm) and pasted everything First parts of down and up, and then the sides to cover the end of the pieces of paper feather

If you aim the corners of the box they are not very pretty It has gaps and are not very perfect What am I doing and cut printer plain paper with a width of 2 cm And I will cut the same length of the thickness box (75cm)

And I'll fold them in half, longitundinalmente To paste the pieces at the corners and thus cover the ugly parts One thing I could not show the video It is to put a piece of "glass" acrylic And then, to spruce up a bit more, added more paper feather, covered in printer paper so it looks like a picture frame In the end, it was great! It was more work and it is for you to decide if you want to but the effect is beautiful

Then pasted over paper from the printer which had ugly areas the gaps It's nice Sadly, not to see but I'm pasting paper strips ace corners Actually, it made a differance, as you will see in a few seconds And here the light box over! It was show! It's even nicer when lit! I began by saying that the video was for my family And I think the light box is exactly what we are: A fun and happy family! And I wanted to celebrate the occasion of the birth of my son with something thoughtful and creative And I think this light box does just that

Thanks for watching and we'll see you next time!

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