Deck Stain Followed by Oil

Deck Stain

Making use of an oil end to a deck and never wiping off the
extra will depart the wooden spotty, gloss and boring.

My brother is reworking his home, which is nice for my weblog
as a result of he’s a magnet for end issues. Then he calls me.

Right here’s the newest:
He employed a paint contractor to recoat his deck, which was worn
in spots. The contractor strain washed, let the deck dry,
then brushed on a deck stain. The subsequent day he brushed on an oil
end and didn’t wipe off the surplus. (I’m unsure if it was
linseed oil or an oil/varnish mix, however regardless of, each would
trigger the identical downside.) The oil dried spotty – shiny in some
areas and boring in others. Then the contractor instructed two
extra coats of oil for higher penetration, and gave my brother a
good value.

So, ought to he settle for this provide, my brother wished to know?

No! I hear you saying, and I stated the identical. The oil will dry
shiny and mushy and sticky perpetually, or at the very least for a really lengthy
time as a result of the contractor wasn’t wiping off the surplus. Even
if he did wipe off the surplus, the additional coats of oil wouldn’t
do any good – that’s, penetrate – as a result of the wooden was already
sealed by the stain.

I known as the corporate that equipped the deck stain to search out out
if the corporate had advisable the oil coats. They hadn’t. In
truth, that they had cautioned towards this. The contractor should not
have learn the instructions.

We mentioned what to do now with the spotty deck. We agreed
that the shiny spots wanted to be eliminated. The corporate rep
instructed wiping with mineral spirits (paint thinner). I
thought mineral spirits won’t be robust sufficient after the
oil had dried for over every week. I instructed naphtha, then he
talked about xylene (xylol), which is even stronger. Possibly a
strain washing would work.

My brother, or his contractor, is simply going to must
experiment to see what works.

Anyway, don’t apply oil over a deck stain. The deck stain works
as a result of it incorporates pigment and a binder (normally oil or
water-based end) to bond the pigment within the wooden. You don’t
desire a construct as a result of it should peel if water will get beneath.
With some manufacturers, there could also be so little binder second
coat is advisable. You’ll be able to check if the wooden is sealed by
making use of a couple of small puddles of water on the wooden. If the water
soaks in pretty rapidly, the wooden isn’t sealed. If the water
stays puddled, the wooden is sealed.

* * *

Whereas I’m on this topic, I need to reply to the a
commenter who wrote on June 26 that he had higher luck
with water-based deck stain than oil-based deck stain as a result of
oil-based attracts black mildew. This may be true, particularly in
damp climates. Mildew feeds off of linseed oil.

All of it will depend on how the stain is made. There was a
class-action lawsuit a number of many years in the past towards a giant coatings
firm due to the mold downside. I’ve not been capable of
discover the end result of the lawsuit. It occurred earlier than the

— Bob Flexner


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