Creating a Waterfall Joint With a Portable Circular Saw

Creating a Waterfall Joint With a Portable Circular Saw
In continuation
of the story of our
live edge waterfall coffee table
, in the present day I’ll present a method
to precisely minimize a miter joint on a reside edge slab with a
round noticed.

In the event you should not have a desk noticed you may
use a round noticed pushed in opposition to a clamped information
to noticed the miter.
To make sure an
correct miter you’ll have to noticed at 45 levels throughout a
path set at an applicable proper angle in relationship to the
heart line of the slab. And you’ll have to make sure that to
push your noticed in opposition to the information you clamped to the

That is how you are able to do it:

  • Lay your slab on a secure floor with a
    dependable sacrificial liner underneath it, reminiscent of two 2x4s or a
    plywood sheet.
  • Draw a middle line (A, proven beneath) from
    the the slab’s foot edge (the crosscut on the finish of the
    slab) to the the other head edge.
  • On the place you need the miter to
    be, draw a proper angle line to the middle line with a
    carpenter’s sq. or a draftsman’s triangle (B).
  • Clamp your round noticed information adjoining to
    line (B) and noticed the slab to kind the primary half.
    This  half
    could be the highest or a leg relying in your determination which to
    minimize first.
  • Unclamp your noticed information and reposition it
    on the remaining slab.
  • Minimize the slab going from the opposing aspect
    to kind the second 45 diploma miter.
  • Now you’ve got two elements with complimentary
    miters that after joined collectively (after some needed
    interior reinforcement, which I’ll discuss later) create
    a waterfall impact.


Subsequent time: minimize waterfalls on the
desk noticed.

— Yoav

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