Create a Fumed Finish

fumed finish taboret
Ever tried to
create a fumed end? Fuming with ammonia is a
conventional Arts & Crafts ending method. When uncovered
to concentrated ammonia, the tannins in white oak trigger the
wooden to darken, yielding a wealthy, heat shade that
penetrates the floor of the wooden. Relying on the meant
use of the piece, completely different topcoats may be utilized to offer
completely different results. Boiled linseed oil is simple to use.
Shellac presents extra safety and – relying on
the shellac – can present one other layer of shade.
Polyurethane supplies larger safety than oil or shellac.

To attenuate the security dangers related to ammonia, be certain
to make use of correct eye safety, lengthy sleeves, chemical-resistant
gloves and a respirator with acceptable chemical cartridges.
Whereas smaller items may be positioned in hermetic containers for
fuming, bigger items will have to be tented in plastic.
Your tent doesn’t have to be elaborate (to fume the
taboret proven right here, I draped plastic sheeting over a sawhorse
and weighted it down).

fuming tent

Your fuming tent doesn’t must be something fancy – some
plastic sheeting works properly.

The extensive floor space and resistance to ammonia’s corrosive
results make glass pie pans helpful containers for fuming. Place
the piece within the tent, put in a pie pan or two, and pour
ammonia into the pie pans. How lengthy that you must fume the wooden
for a desired shade will fluctuate as a result of the darkening impact of
ammonia will depend on plenty of elements together with ambient
temperature, tannin ranges and size of publicity. Place some
challenge offcuts within the tent alongside together with your completed piece and
use them to gauge shade. In its unfinished state, fumed oak
takes on a greenish solid; to disclose the true shade of the
challenge, take away certainly one of your scrap items and apply a
end coat.

fumed white oak

Fumed white oak darkens and takes on a takes on a greenish
solid. Attempt some completely different finishes on fumed scraps to search out
your most well-liked end.

After getting a shade that appeals, take away the piece from the
tent. Notice that you’ll want to freshen your ammonia after
about 48 hours.

Excerpted from Michael Crow’s forthcoming e-book, “Waterproof coat
Arts & Crafts Furnishings: Methods & Store Drawings for
28 Designs” (coming November 2017).

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