Crazing from Body Sweat


Shut up of crazing from physique sweat on a chair’s crest rail.

All finishes craze ­– that’s, develop small cracks – as they
age, particularly if they’re uncovered to loads of daylight. However
there’s one other sort of crazing, and it will probably occur a lot quicker.
That is crazing attributable to physique sweat.

You generally see crazing of this kind round cabinet-door pulls
and drawer handles, and on chair backs, arms and picket seats.

The sort of crazing is attributable to the acids in physique sweat
slowly breaking down the end. The end additionally softens and
turns into soiled as filth sticks to it. In extreme instances the end
separates into small “islands.”

The finishes most vulnerable to this kind crazing are lacquer,
shellac and water-based end. Cross-linked finishes equivalent to
oil-based varnish and polyurethane, and two-part catalyzed
finishes, are rather more resistant.

If the crazing is superficial, you could possibly take away it by
abrading with metal wool or an abrasive pad and nonetheless depart
sufficient end in good situation beneath to be useful.
However normally, when the crazing has turn into unhealthy sufficient to get you
to do one thing about it, it’s too late for this. The end
needs to be stripped and changed, which normally means stripping
and refinishing the complete door, drawer or chair.

— Bob Flexner


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