Couple attempts ‘Dirty Dancing’ lift — and lands in emergency room


One couple attempted to re-create the famous lift scene from
“Dirty Dancing” — but rather than having the time of their
lives, they ended up in the emergency room.

Sharon Price and fiance Andy Price were giddily playing around
at a beer garden in Somerset, England, when they got the idea.


Sharon and Andy Price were excited to try the iconic move
from their favorite movie, “Dirty Dancing.”

“(The) family didn’t think we would actually do it, and when we
were lying on the floor, (they) thought we were messing about
until they heard me gasping for breath,” Sharon, 52, told
TODAY. In images that have since gone viral, Sharon can be seen
preparing to dash into Andy’s arms as her love, 51, braces for
her leap.

A subsequent photo shows the pair making contact, with Andy
lifting Sharon up off her feet; a third shows both Andy and
Sharon down for the count as a concerned family member rushes
to their side.


Sharon ran at Andy ready for him to lift her above his head
as Patrick Swayze does with Jennifer Grey in the movie.

Sharon and Andy have a combined five children from previous
marriages, and said they received some good-natured teasing.

“We were obviously both worried about each other and couldn’t
believe it had happened,” Sharon said. “We can now laugh but at
the time it was pretty scary.”

Paramedics called to the scene rushed both parties to a nearby
hospital, and according to Sharon, the doctors at the hospital
had a good laugh when she explained what had happened. Luckily,
both she and Andy are just fine.


Sharon and Andy collided and were both knocked unconscious
after their lift attempt.

Sharon and Andy have been together for 18 months after meeting
at work at Seetru Engineering in Bristol. According to Sharon,
Andy proposed on Christmas Day, and the pair plan to wed before
family and friends next year.

And now, she added, there will be quite the story to tell at
the wedding. “The best man was with us at the time,” she said.

As for the viral nature of the photos, Sharon says she can
credit her family for their instant fame.

“My daughter put pictures on Facebook and my cousin decided to
phone the local paper as she thought it was so funny,” Sharon
said. “Since then, it has gone absolutely mad. … Our heads are
all over the place — we never expect anything like this. But we
are now having a good laugh about it!”

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