Cool Nailmaking Video from Austria

Blacksmith Peter
lately despatched me a hyperlink to the video under that
reveals manufacturing nailmaking of shoe nails in a city in
Austria. These guys are working at breakneck velocity – neglect
these trendy movies you see of novice smiths working in
their garages.

When you’ve by no means examine pre-industrial nail manufacturing, it
was a tough life. In the UK and its colonies,
nailmaking was many instances a household affair. The person, spouse and
youngsters had been all concerned in making nails. And I think about
that is about what it appeared like.

On the finish of the 18th century, Hugh Bodey estimated that
there have been tens of hundreds of nailmakers in Black County
alone in his ebook “Nailmaking” (Shire). Different areas of the
United Kingdom counted 35,000-40,000 nailmakers in 1799.

My German language abilities stink, however I imagine the movie says
a nailmaker (or the nailmaking store) might make 5 million
tacks in a yr. And while you see the seems to be on the faces of
the smiths, they’re intent on making each second depend.

— Christopher Schwarz

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