Coming Soon: A Handmade Dustpan

Virtually each plastic or aluminum dustpan I’ve used has been
disappointing. The aluminum ones bend too simply and make it
not possible to seize advantageous mud. And plastic ones are simply
that: plasticy.

So like every half-decent woodworker, I set out this fall to
construct my very own. Shopmade dustpans have been as soon as a standard sight, so
it’s not like my concept is unique. However discovering plans for a
rotating dustpan with a tall deal with (so that you don’t must
stoop) are uncommon.

So I spent a month investigating patents of dustpans. I appeared
for the frequent methods they have been constructed, their proportions and
their mechanisms. Among the many patent papers, I discovered loads of
fascinating designs that have been solely too advanced. However they
pointed me in the precise path on deciding how the pan
ought to tilt.

Then I studied current dustpans, largely plastic ones, to
decide what I didn’t like about the best way they labored.

After boiling all that down, I made a prototype from scraps and
screws. The analysis paid off –  the dustpan was
surprisingly good. It can stand by itself simply. It pivots
readily while you raise it. And the entrance edge is at all times firmly
towards the ground because of a half-dowel on the underside of the

Then I constructed a pleasant one from walnut – dovetailed on the corners
– that’s cladded with hardboard. When oiled up, the hardboard
and walnut work fairly nicely collectively. The deal with and the “axle”
– which is what the pan rotates on – are scraps of sycamore.

The article on the dustpan might be in an upcoming difficulty of
Well-liked Woodworking Journal. And the above expertise
has triggered me to go searching at a few of my different plastic
units in my store – particularly my water bucket – with a
jaundice eye.

— Christopher Schwarz

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