Clamping a Chair is Like Hugging an Eel

clamping a chair

One of many challenges when constructing a chair is clamping the
dang factor down so you’ll be able to work on it. I’ve seen plenty of
options that use band clamps. However I dislike band clamps
(maybe I had a nasty expertise at band camp). So right here’s what I

Most workholding issues may be solved with handscrew clamps
and holdfasts, together with this one.

First you squeeze the legs with the handscrew clamps. Word that
in case your legs have any rake or splay there are going to be solely
two angles on every leg the place the handscrew will be capable to get
a very good grip. Should you’re a chairmaker, you realize that this angle
known as the sightline.

The sightline is the place the place the leg seems to be vertical
to your eye. To search out the sightline together with your handscrew, rotate
its jaws across the leg till you discover the spot the place the clamp
will seize the leg with out the clamp physique’s twisting.

clamping a chair

(Word: I’ve some grippy stuff on the jaws of my handscrews –
it’s adhesive stair-tread tape and it prevents issues from

Then maintain the handscrew down with a holdfast (or use an F-style
clamp in case you don’t personal a holdfast).

Oftentimes I’ll clamp on the handscrews, put the chair on the
flooring, sit in entrance of it and put my ft on the handscrews to
maintain the chair down. That is nice when touching up the saddle
of the seat.

— Christopher Schwarz

There are many nice chairmaking movies at My favourite: “Build
a Welsh Stick Chair
” with Don Weber.

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