Chelsea Handler loses beloved dog: ‘I couldn’t bear to have her fight anymore’


Days after talk show host and comedian Chelsea Handler posted
on Instagram about her dog Tammy's kidney problems, she updated
her fans on Friday that she had to say goodbye to her furry
canine friend after two years together.

"I lost my bear today," wrote Handler. "She was struggling and
I couldn't bear to have her fight anymore."

Handler adopted her fur baby – who had her own Instagram account – two years ago, she said. Tammy
even had a hashtag, #TeamTammy, for posts about her made by
others on Instagram.

In her introductory post, the dog stated that she was
originally a street dog from Mexico who had found her "forever
mama" in Handler, and that she was now "spending the sunset of
my life in lower west Bel Air."

Over the four months of her Instagram presence, Tammy wound up
with nearly 20,000 followers. In one post, she even celebrated
the success.

But while Tammy played the foil to Insta-jokes likely penned by
Handler herself, on Friday the television star sadly recounted
all the ways Tammy had become her loving fur baby, alongside
her other dog, Chuck.

"If my door was closed, she slept outside my room like a
security guard," she wrote. "Dogs give you something you never
knew was missing. I love you, bear. Thanks for being such a
girl. I will get another dog that needs a home and it will
remind me every day how much I miss you. Lub lub lub," she

Days before the dog's passing, Handler had posted a photo of
Tammy looking out of a window with a gauze wrap around her
front leg, and posted, "My whole family is falling apart. Poor
@realtammyhandler is recuperating from renal failure while
remembering happier times...Fight like a bear, bear."

On Tammy's feed, the Instagram account said, "It is with a very
heavy heart that we must inform you of the passing of our
beloved bear, Tammy. She lived life to the fullest and never
let her struggles bring her down. We love you, Tammy, and we
will miss you dearly. Please keep her and her mama in your
thoughts and prayers tonight. Forever and always, Team Tammy."

Tammy was regularly featured on Handler's set, and is survived
by Chuck, Handler's other dog.

Rest in peace, sweet little bear!

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